100days later, nothing has changed

By Daniel Chigundu

PEOPLE’s Democratic Party (PDP) says the much publicized 100 days plan of action by the Emmerson Mnangagwa regime are nothing short of a period of mediocrity and a total failure to break from the past.

President Mnangagwa set 100-day targets for ministers where they were supposed to come up with action plans to address the various challenges bedevilling the country and the economy.

Now that the 100 days are have come to an end, there have been mixed comments on whether there was change or not.

In a statement, PDP said there has not been any change adding that repressive laws and brute force have continued.

“Amid pomp and fanfare, Mnangagwa was sworn in a hundred days ago, sold false hope, promised reforms including the return of civil liberties and political freedoms.

“100 days later nothing has changed repressive laws are still in place including POSA and AIPPA laws which are totalitarian, draconian and fascist.

“The default mode of brute force and coercion continues to flourish the so-called new administration has failed to break from the past.

“Not surprising, the head of the snake was mentored by the king of autocracy Robert Mugabe, he idolised him and agreed with him 99% percent of the time, Zimbabweans must not take a 1% chance on change,” PDP said.

The Tendai Biti led party added that most people in the new administration are struggling to distance themselves from Gukurahundi during the day, a dark part of our history, yet at night they order the police to kill people in cold blood and set dogs on poor students.

PDP castigated the government for setting dogs and water cannons on NUST students who demonstrating over lecturers who were not turning up for duty.

“You cannot criminalise complains when there have not been lectures going on for weeks due to lecturers strike.

“A proper government fixes the strike not beat up people and even setting dogs indiscriminately on students.

“What also concerns us is the disrespect of constitutional rights, in this case, the right to demonstrate and petition provided in section 59 of the constitution.

“We urge Zimbabweans to unite against this dictatorship, our plight is not over yet we need to finish off the business of 18 November 2017,” said PDP


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