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By Vimbai Kamoyo

Ruling ZANU PF says it empathizes with the Palestinians as they fight with Israel, The Business Connect reports.

Speaking at the commemoration of Palestine International Day, the secretary for external affairs Simbarashe Mumbengegwi said the atrocities being carried out on Palestine are shameful to the collective humanity.

 “Is there any higher level of terrorism higher than occupying a people, their country, their resources, their wealth and when you resist against that occupation, you are branded a terrorist. The occupier tries to mislead the world that they are the victims. The victims of a people fighting against occupation and that are what we are faced with. 

“The Palestinian people have every right to resist against occupation. It’s their right. No people have got any right under international statutes to occupy and control another people. 

“Israel has been able to do it because the powers of this world, the Western powers have allowed it and continue to allow it. In fact, we have seen leaders of the Western world flocking to Netanyahu to pay homage in the face of such unprecedented brutality.”

Mumbengegwi moaned the non-restraint of Israel when bombing facilities such as schools and hospitals.

“How do you vow that you want to raze every building in a country to the ground openly? That you are not going to allow food to get to millions of people, any water, any fuel, medicines, nothing? Having done that, you then move on to bombard clinics, hospitals, schools, without any apology, not by mistake but by intention?

“International law does not allow that but Israel can do it because the western powers allow it. They are carrying out unimaginable massacres and none of the western powers are prepared to pronounce that this is a crime against humanity. They are dead silent,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion the Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe Tamer Almassri said the statistics of the genocide were astounding.

“There are huge numbers of Palestinians who have died in this genocide. 15 000 and 60 percent of those are women and children,” he said.

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