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Gaza has become a graveyard for children

Palestinian Ambassador

Gaza has become a graveyard for children

by Staff Reporter

Every day children in Gaza face increased risk of death from the sky, disease from lack of safe water & deprivation from lack of food as apartheid Israel continue its genocide war against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza.

The state of Palestine reiterates that an immediate long-lasting ceasefire and end to Israeli occupation is the only way to end the suffering of Palestinian children & enable the urgent delivery of desperately needed aid.

All children have the right to be safe no matter where they are however Israel has continued to violate international humanitarian law targeting and killing children in Gaza and West bank. The death toll of children is more than 12 000 while more than 1,000 children are reported to have suffered a limb loss because of the bombing, profoundly changing their lives. The number of Palestinian children killed in Gaza has exceeded the annual number of children killed across the world’s conflict zones since 2019. Since October 7, documented Palestinian death toll is 27 747 while over 67 000 are injured.

625 000 children in Gaza are unable to access education due to the continuous bombing which has killed scores of Palestinian children, teachers as well as destruction of homes, schools and universities. Children in the West Bank also live in constant fear and grief amid escalating violence, profoundly affecting their mental health and disrupting their access to education

Each day passing without a ceasefire and end to occupation bring further death, suffering, destruction and devastation leaving children with profound mental and physical scars that will last for years. Apartheid Israel should be hold accountable for all these crimes against humanity.

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