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Tobacco Marketing Season dates revealed

TIMB acting CEO, Mr Emmanuel Matsvaire

Tobacco Marketing Season dates revealed

By Vimbayi Kamoyo

This week, the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) revealed dates for the 2024 tobacco marketing season opening.

According to the Tobacco Reports, 50 percent of the harvested irrigated tobacco in January was ready for the market.

TIMB acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Matsvaire, in a letter addressed to tobacco stakeholders said that the 2024 tobacco marketing season will open on the 13th of March.

“Stakeholders are advised that the 2024 auction tobacco marketing season will be opening on Wednesday 13 March, Contract tobacco sales will commence on the 14th of March,” he said.

Mr. Matsvaire also mentioned that there will be a ceremony to mark the market’s opening on the commencement day.

“A brief ceremony to start the 2024 tobacco marketing season will be held on the 13th of March,” he said.

Farmer’s representatives indicated that an early start to the season would help them clear loans, reduce borrowing incidences, reduce risks of storing graded tobacco on farms, and generate foreign currency early to stimulate the market positively.

However, some tobacco farmer’s representatives such as the Zimbabwe National Farmers Union opted for a late opening of the market saying that the floors should open after Easter when there is a lot of tobacco ready for the market to avoid inadequate supplies.

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