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KidzCan Zimbabwe, ACCZ partners to fight children cancer


KidzCan Zimbabwe, ACCZ partners to fight children cancer

By Nomagugu Konke

KidzCan Zimbabwe signed a memorandum of understanding with Apostolic Churches Council of Zimbabwe as part of efforts to combat childhood cancer.

Apostolic Churches Council of Zimbabwe is a body of over 650 Churches that includes Apostolic, Pentecostals and Zionists members with around 1 million followers.

Addressing the press at a media briefing, KidzCan Zimbabwe‘s Executive Director Daniel Mckenzie said the partnership signifies a significant step forward in our collective fight against childhood cancer in Zimbabwe.

“Over the past years, the apostolic sects have presented unique challenges for engagement.

“In this nation, the first port of call when there is sickness in the family is often the church. The ACCZ, being a highly respected institution within the community, will play a crucial role in raising awareness about childhood cancer and encouraging early detection and treatment among its members and the public.

“The church’s influence and reach will help identify and refer children to health facilities, ensuring that cancer is detected early,” He said.

Mr Mackenzie also said in return for the vital support, KidzCan will capacitate the Bishops with essential fundraising knowledge and strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to combating childhood cancer.

“They will also be empowered to spread accurate information about childhood cancer, emphasizing the critical importance of early detection and treatment.

By Harnessing the influence and reach of the ACCZ, this partnership has the potential to save countless lives and bring hope to families affected by childhood cancer throughout the nation”, he said.

ACCZ Manicaland Chairperson, Bishop Jonah Mashaba said the partnership seeks to harness church leaders influence in communities to spread cancer information.

“ It is common knowledge is a Christian country, where Archbishops and bishops naturally command respect in societies to an extend that when congregants have misfortunes such as  health problem, before visiting a Health centre for medical care, the first port of call is the church leader’s shrine.

“Now that all church leaders will soon get training regarding cancer signs and symptoms, it will be now easy to reduce lapse rate take before cancer patient avail him/herself to the nearest Health care centre.

“By taking Church leaders on board, this will mean embracing the faith based narrative roping it into the mainstream cancer management.

“this therefore means that the church will play its role and swiftly refer the suspected patient finally gets out of the religious to clinical phase, hence increased detections and management,” said Bishop Mashaba.

Medical resistance among the apostolic sect in Zimbabwe has been a major trouble with some of the religious leaders with a huge following discouraging their members to seek medical attention.

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