Bridal Innovations-For That Divine Touch

By Tsitsi Florence Nauruma
INDRA Chinyerere (IN) of Bridal Innovations will give your event “that” divine touch. She talks to Tsitsi Florence Nauruma (TFN) of The BusinessConnect about her business.
TFN-May you list all your products and service your business offer?
IC- Bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, deco, catering, tailoring services, fashion

TFN-Besides weddings, are there any you organize?
IC-Funerals, corporate events, birthday parties, marooro etc

TFN-. What sets you apart from similar businesses?
IC-Bridal innovation was birthed out of passion and a gift. New ideas are not copied but are originated from the combination of the two. It is this passion that drives the energy of the business even in seemingly difficult times. The gift on the other hand is our uniqueness always giving birth to brand new techniques thus keeping Bridal Innovations afloat.

TFN-What setbacks have you experienced as a woman running a business?
IC-COVID oh! COVID has been a major setback to business so far. With gatherings being prohibited and rentals to pay, it has been very challenging as a woman in business to secure side jobs that could sustain both the business and the family. Apart from that, it has been a very fair playing field.

TFN-Do you have a deliberate gender equity policy in your workplace?
IC-To a greater extend yes, mainly due to the nature of our business which demands female hands more than males and also as a woman, I understand the challenges that women go through if financially handicapped coz behind every woman there are children and siblings to take care of.

TFN-What are your treasured moments in your business?
IC- That moment when the client calls me for that priceless hug and say thank you for making our day special…that has no equal. And that moment when I am honoured to become a judge or give awards that melts my heart away.

TFN-What advice may you give to upcoming/young businesspeople?
IC-Diligence, diligence and more diligence with honesty and dedication can take you higher faster than a rocket and keep you there.

TFN-To what do you owe your success?
IC-God and His faithfulness …He has been there since day one and I still marvel as I watch Him lead my steps even higher than my expectations.

TFN-Considering the high divorce rate in Zimbabwe. Do you offer counselling sessions to your clients? In your experience what do you think is causing that?
IC-Oh yes we do, as and when needed and from my experience submission one to another has proven to be the most difficult thing in marriages these days, especially due to the fact that both parties will be financially able to meet life’s demands and many tend to think they can replace anything with cash including spouses and also as the Good Book says bad company corrupts good morals, most marriages have been adversely affected by the circle of friends one spouse might have much to the detriment of the union…I can write a book but let me rest it here for now.

TFN-What inspired your business choice?
IC-Like I mentioned earlier…it has been a passion, which I backed up with a qualification alongside the gift in me and here I am

TFN-How do you juggle between family and business?
IC-Honestly I do not have a clear cut formula but I try my best to be where I am needed most at that particular time though not neglecting my major responsibility as a mom. Somehow my days have 26 hours!

TFN-Have you been recognised for your hard work?
IC-Oh yes absolutely …I have awards namely: Best bridal wear supplier 2019 awarded by Zim events, Best bridal wear supplier people’s choice awarded by Classy Zim Events, Best kitchen party deco setup, and nominations of the best dynamic one-stop-shop, Best roora deco, Best handcrafted roora cake

TFN-For how long have you been in business?
IC-Professionally since 2008 though I can safely say my experience dates back to as far as 20 years ago

TFN-May Give us a brief history of your business.
IC-BI came into existence in 2008 out of a burning desire to showcase the gift in me. Having successfully attained a degree in Fashion Designing and in Food Science and Nutrition, the riches in knowledge and the wealth of ideas demanded that I go out there and establish myself as the director I envisioned. Fortunately, favour was upon me and it did not take much time for me to sign in big cakes and celebrity events and the rest is history

TFN-Have you embraced technology in your business? Is yes how? If no, what are the challenges?
IC-Yes! Oh yes! To a great extent we have…we use high profile machines to make our special gowns and outfits, internet for research purposes as well as different programmes for our records and payroll systems.

TFN-What is your long-term vision?
Wow! It’s too long to fit on this piece of paper but I can safely say Zimbabwe shall be too small to contain it alone.
TFN-. We are entering the weddings season do you have any specials for your clients?
Absolutely but on first come first grab terms because the demand for our services is just overwhelming at the moment.

TFN-How has COVID-19 lockdown impacted your business?
IC-COVID-19 has had had its good and bad sides. We have learnt a lot during the lockdowns and have seen roora days turn into weddings all at once which was new in Zimbabwe but we have also had a fair share of clients demanding refunds, but through it all, we are seeing the hand of God because He has turned our loses into seeds and we are seeing great bumper harvest ahead

TFN-May your furnish us with your academic and professional profiles
IC-BSc Food Science and Nutrition, BSc Fashion Designing (Solusi University) 2006

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