A new gospel giant is born

By Michael Gwarisa

GOSPEL music fans are in for a treat courtesy of one vibrant and young gospel sensation Willard Muzaeni whose latest album Nhaka Yekukunda has taken the market by storm.

Having started his musical carrier at a very young age, Muzaeni has grown into a force to reckon with in the music industry as evidenced by the maturity he has exhibited throughout his musical journey.

In an exclusive interview with The Business Connect entertainment, Muzaeni said his latest offering Nhaka Yekukunda has opened up new opportunities and doors he never knew existed.

“I have a new DVD album called Rumuko (revival) and a new audio album called Nhaka yekukunda (the victory legacy). The DVD has six videos whilst the audio has  nine tracks. In September 2016 I had an album launch that was attended by most media houses including ZBC.

“The quality of the videos were impressive such that we got to be played on a lot of stations like ZBC, Trace, Zambia tv , Malawi, Christ tv etc. We only printed 4 000 copies mostly for marketing purposes and they all sold out,” said Muzaeni.

He added that it was from this album that he and his crew got to perform in countries such as Zambia, south Africa, Malawi and Tanzania.

“This year we are going back to Zambia , SA and Malawi and hopefully Uganda.We also are planning on having about three collaborations with local musicians this year ,although i will not mention names at this stage.”

Muzaeni attributes success of his new album to  the surge in internet use amongts Zimbabweans.

“On the digital side, social media has played a vital role as we have had a lot of feedback from our online fans . One of our videos Muri Mukuru has got more than 137 000 views on Facebook.

“To aspiring musicians, i would urge them to go digital for distribution of their music as this has worked for me,” said Muzaeni.

Muzaeni has three albums to his name with his debut album Chikonzero which was released in
2010 paving way for a long and successful journey that was to come.

“I did a 10 track album ,Chikonzero, in 2010 together with  Miracles Magumbo, but unfortunately, we didn’t market it well.

“The major highlight of that album was that we got to share the stage with the now late Lundi as well as Uche from Nigeria
and because we had given a polished performance we got a recording contract also we had a lot of journos who wanted to write about us but back then we were not ready for the limelight so we would refuse.”

His second album which was a double album,  Ndiri Mhanzi, was released in 2013 and had 16 songs. The album was again done together with Miracles Magumbo who is now based in South Africa.



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