Address water crisis urgently

By Edward Mukaro
COMMUNITY Water Alliance has implored the City of Harare to urgently address the availability and supply of water to Harare residents, as community schemes availed by donor agencies are only “short term gap measures”.
Most residents in the capital go for days without the precious liquid, while some in suburbs like Mabvuku – Tafara and parts of Ruwa have allegedly gone for years without running water, according to sources that spoke to this publication.
Speaking in an interview with The BusinessConnect on the sidelines of a tour of the Budiriro Chimbumu Piped Water Scheme funded by UNICEF and Oxfam, in partnership with the City of Harare, amid a recent tour of water sources in different parts of the capital, Community Water Alliance representative Hardlife Mudzingwa commented the donor community, while also calling on city fathers to prioritise residents needs.
“Water being delivered to residents is not enough. This water point services 300 households per day, as we only have a 10-000Liter tank.
“We are trying to ensure short-term gap measures. In Harare, the local authority is producing 250 Mega Litres, while the city requires 1 200ML,” he said.
Mudzingwa added that the Budiriro water scheme could really use additional litres of water per day, of up-to 10-000ltrs, to cover even more households, in the community.
However, the water scheme in the high-density suburb is currently facing a myriad of challenges, such as a worrying increase of cases of gender-based violence, water barons who come to ferry water for resale at the expense of residents, lack of social distancing, while the issue of a lack of a culture of washing hands had become evident at the site.
The project is run by local members of the community, but they give periodical report to organisations that funded the programme and City of Harare.
During the tour, which saw delegates travel to Glen View, Epworth and Mabvuku Tafara, the issue of a lack of availability of drinking water kept cropping-up, with Mabvuku Tafara residents hardly recollecting when they last received running water in their homes.

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