Agric Show dates moved a week back

By Malcolm Meja

The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) has announced that the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show will be moved to a week earlier from the previously announced dates.

Earlier this year ZAS announced the annual Agric show was to be held from 26th to 31st August 2019. The show will now be held from 19-24 August 2019.

Addressing journalists at a press conference today, ZAS Chief Executive Dr Masuka said, the sudden adjustment is owed to the need to realign its calendar to accommodate both its national and international stakeholders.

Additionally, he said the aim is to ensure the event retains its relevance and growth since the rebranding exercise earlier this year.

“Earlier we invited you were here to announce our branding and show dates and we advised that the show is to be held on 26-31 August. However, owing to the need to realign our calendar with both national and international stakeholders. We are now bringing back the Show a week earlier to 19 to 24 August 2019” he said.

ZAS notes and acknowledges the changes made may affect its stakeholders, however, emphasized the change has been done to ensure the show experience is unforgettable, transformational, and impactful.

“We emphasize this has been done to ensure the show experience is unforgettable, transformational and impactful as we move further and beyond the Harare Agricultural Show’ added Masuka.

Furthermore, to the change of dates, ZAS is likely to have a visiting Head of State as the Guest of Honour for the first time years. The last time the Show was opened by a foreign dignitary was in 2016 when the society hosted the Vice President of Sierra Leon.


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