Carnival is not about Zim culture or Zodwa

By Staff Reporter

THERE seems to be a misunderstanding that the Harare International Carnival is a Zimbabwean culture show and that the 2017 street party scheduled for the 9th of September is all about South Africa’s Zodwa Wabantu.

For starters, the carnival is not a celebration of Zimbabwe culture but an international celebration of cultures, Zimbabwean and other countries included.

It is a celebration of diversity, where people will be celebrating being different and not judging each other’s culture or acts.

Carnival is not about morals or lack of them which is why countries and artists are invited to exhibit what they know best or what they do in their countries and in their communities.

Exhibition of cultures involves wearing of costumes and other types of clothes that go hand in hand with the type of act that one intends to perform.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a carnival is a special occasion or period of public enjoyment and entertainment involving wearing unusual clothes, dancing and eating and drinking, usually held in the streets of a city.

Basing on that definition there is nothing amiss about the Harare International Carnival, or about Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) inviting the Samba Queens, the Cubans, Bev, Zoe and even Zodwa Wabantu to come and participate in the party, dressed in their costumes panties or no panties.

While there has been an outcry over the inclusion of Zodwa whose enmity with panties is well documented, the issues are all about not understanding the idea behind the event and the benefits it brings to the country through tourism tickets.

In any case, Zodwa if she comes, she will not be the main act but part of the many acts that will be showcasing their acts on the day.

There are Samba Queens and Cubans whom we are told can do it better than the Brazilians, we have churches, we have various local artists that will also be doing their thing on the day.

Besides the street party, there are many other carnival events that have been lined-up as a precursor to the main event.

These include the Carnival Cultural Show, Zim Car Culture Festival, Zimdance Hall Fiesta, Samba Night and VIP Rhumba Night among others.

Some people have asked about the benefit of carnival to the nation, well according to ZTA chief executive Dr Karikoga Kaseke, in 2015 the event brought about US$21 million in tourism receipts and this year it’s expected to surpass that figure.

Below are some of the comments that Zimbabweans from across all walks of life have made with regards to the carnival and Zodwa.

Edmund Kudzayi: It’s not just Zodwa. The whole carnival is morally decadent and undermines women in society.

The people who should be protesting the loudest against this are the so called progressive women. When we give centre stage to half naked women and elevate this nonsense to a spectacle it is women that suffer.

After that carnival don’t be surprised when a 15 year old sees nothing more than a piece of meat when looking at a woman and little girls mistakenly believe that to win public adoration they need to reduce themselves to this rubbish.

That’s why we have people pumping their buttocks with chemicals to make them larger. It’s a damn shame.

Elisha MusindoWe can’t be authors of lewdness

Lubelihle SibandaIsn’t that what a carnival is about. Go to Rio and enjoy carnivals. I guess the issue here is that it’s black ass if it was a white ass like the Brazilians do there wasn’t going to be such noise. Lets love and embraces our own type

Israel Zombo Gusalo: Well to some extent t make a sense but we are becoming more fools we sit down and debate about panties and naked women when the whole nation is naked in terms of growth development and economical policies this is pne of the non issues baba of all the problems in Zim then u petition abt panties ans who brought them here carnival isnt it the tourism dep

Tadious NherekoDzikamai Tsano, these tides are stronger than you. Let them flow, they like it, we like it. Garai pasi.

Mlungisi Dube: I am impressed that you seem to be concerned about morals these days 

Musekiwa Max Mupfunde: Well, our culture just covers up the important bits. We just inherited the white man’s dress code!

Mitchell Munyaradzi Gumbo: Are we not imposing morality on those who are amoral my dear brother? After all morality isn’t always premised on the truth, its a highly subjective matter. That said, this is not about morality but principle. Never ever piss on someone’s hustle. What is SA citizens start petitioning their Govt against us and our products?

Varaidzo MupungaWe don’t leave on an Island and in isolation Edmund Kudzayi, the carnival is a clear effect of globalization. I have never attended one due to the fact that I don’t condone them, but I am liberal and democratic enough to accept those who find pleasure in the Carnival.

Makomborero Haruzivishe: What are you saying about our culture where women moved around not only panty less but also top less and bottom less

Brian ChingangaMunyaradzi Gumbo you are right. They ban Zodwa who is just a dancer .Whilst Zimbabweans are all over the world .Especially the country in question SA. There are many Zimbabweans who sought economic refugee.That is a wrong spirit…

Floridah Rumbidzai MapetoNudity empowers some…Education empowers some. True feminism is rallying behind the right for women to own that decision without telling them which one, even some decisions one may not necessarily choose for themselves

Brian ChingangaVaraidzo thank you for further clarity. We do not live as an Island.We need to be accommodative of other nations cultural diversity .If one does not like watching swimming but like soccer always remember that there are some out there who like watching that swimming that you do not like

Es Kalamb: Vanhu vaipfeka nhembe before civilisation yakaunzwa nevarungu people have better things to worry about our economic situation

Brian Muchemwa: Leave Zodwa alone

Israel Zombo GusaloHow many zimbozi who strip . naked in SA clubs ko vaye vemaavenues ko imo muharare votoisa bhodhoro how many prostitutes who are from zim vatove nemafacebook pages now iwe woti nanga nanga nemunhu mumwe instead of attacking poverty u busy attacking people its their choice ndozvavada ka

Wagoneka Mashona GrantMafungiro ako Edmund Havana kushata .Chimiramirai Dstv ibviswe pamhepo vakadzi vanobuda pama channels acho zvakaoma ende vana vadiki vawataura ndovanoswera vachiona

Douglas Ruzani Dougfresh: But who are you to make such a choice for another woman though? What happened to freedom?  And I’m not undermining your negative consequential theory though but who will suffer those consequences again? Not you? I thought so… so what’s your real concern if Zodwa decides to go commando?

Daniel Chigundu Aspiring MP: Baba Jukwa hauna kana nyaya apa, gara pasi, in fact you are not forced to come and watch its not compulsory its for those that want, just like going to watch Bev, its not compulsory its for those that want. But how does someone listen to a failed Actor in the name of Annie Nhira? Kana iyewo Zhuwao instead of using that time to understand ZimAsset and Indigenisation policy he spends writing silly letters

Tinashe Chiweshe: apa Edmund Kudzayi wataura, the people insulting Anne surprisingly are women from zodwa type backgrounds. what does this say for he future of the children

Wellington Ziwenga: Funny how men dictate what they think is good for women and what is not. What are you basing your facts on Edmund? Are your views based on what “women” feel or based on your (male) perspective?

Darlington Mumvuma: I think what need to understand pana Zodwa is she brings another level of influence that’s too much, none muno has that level of nudity and personally I don’t see the economic benefit that carnival brings .

Daniel Chigundu Aspiring MP tiri kuti understand the idea behind carnival first and how its done kunyika kwainobva and then the benefits and also we are saying if you dont want pentiless Zodwa then come with your penties and we will also celebrate you zvakangodaro

Daniel Chigundu Aspiring MP O Theo Chit Mah zvino makuita as if carnival is about Zodwa chete yet there are many other acts that will be taking place, if you dont want want Zodwa you can watch other acts

O Theo Chit Mah: Hatidi zvinhu zvinoshoresa isu vanhu vemuZimbabwe mhani Daniel Chigundu Aspiring MP

Daniel Chigundu Aspiring MP but you are not Zodwa, i dont see how they will shora you, in any case people actually board planes kuenda kunoona Carnival kunedzimwe nyika and this our Carnival might also attract regional visitors who will bring much need foreign currency

Leeroy Bernard Fredericks: everyone is talking about banning zodwa,why ddnt you petition to ban Bev and the strip clubs operating in zim? Overzealous much on trivial issues with selective morality

Allan Mapani: Of all the things for you to boldly take a stance against you choose a completely meaningless topic to do so… Smh. If they want to dance naked in the street, let them. Your children are your own to raise. Can we see you be this outspoken about the corruption and injustice in our country please!?

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