Caution, as air flights resume

AS Zimbabwe joins the rest of the world in opening up its air space and airports for local and international flights, Government should be proactive and put in place standard COVID- 19 testing kits at all ports to prevent the reinfection coming in from abroad.
While the initiative to open-up airports will most certainly boost various business operations such as tourism there is also a need to make sure that arrivals from beyond the country’s border do not bring another strain of the pandemic that has so far accounted for the loss of 204 lives (in Zimbabwe) and hundreds of thousands at a global scale.
Most people would now want to know how the government is going to handle the issue of quarantine rules to arriving guests, be they, business people or tourists, as it will be critical information to would-be guests before buying a plane ticket to Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe already has a law that which stipulates all ‘arrivals’ to be quarantined for a good 14 days before being allowed in the general populace, as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of COVID- 19.
So, it will all boil down to government policy, which is also going to be critical for tourists and business people in making decisions.
Other countries have all but scrapped the 14-day-quarantine period and replaced it with testing of all arrivals on arrival at airports.
Meanwhile, the travel industry is calling for an end to the quarantine restrictions, which have all but stopped the majority of travel, as it requires families, and holidaymakers to self isolate for two weeks.

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