Chief Musarurwa okays Zodwa …as Carnival Bira preps reach high levels

By Daniel Chigundu

CHIEF Musarurwa (Enos Musakwa) says there is nothing wrong for artists like Zodwa Wabantu to come and showcase their culture and way of life at the Harare International Carnival.

There has been an outcry following the announcement by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) that controversial South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu will be part of the performing artists at the Carnival street party.

The issue was further worsened by South Africa based Zimbabwean actor Anne Nhira who wrote a letter to the tourism ministry requesting that Zodwa be banned from the event.

However, addressing the media on at a press conference, Chief Musarurwa said there is nothing wrong with visiting artists to exhibit their culture and way of life, adding that Zimbabweans should also exhibit theirs to the visitors.

“We have friends as a country, and we have invited these friends to come and showcase their own cultures and ways of life, and we will also be showing them our own ways and you never know they might find a few good things they will copy.

“So we will just be watching what they do, but as Zimbabweans we have our own ways of doing things, but we can’t ban the visitors and as Chiefs we believe there are places where they will be coming to showcase their cultures and we ourselves have the responsibility to safeguard our own culture,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chief has revealed that preparation for the fourth edition of Carnival Bira scheduled for Saturday 2nd of September has reached high levels and that everything is now in place awaiting the day.

The Carnival Bira which is set for Domboshava Caves which falls under the jurisdiction of Chief Chinamora is meant to thank the ancestors for the peace prevailing in the country, good rains and to also inform them of the visitors coming for the Harare International Carnival.

“It’s important to give thanks to Mbuya Nehanda for the peace that prevails in Zimbabwe since independence, so we are saying let’s celebrate together and there will be performances by different groups especially Mbira Dzenharira.

“We also want to thank the ancestors because we received good rains after a long time and the country will have enough food which will lessen the burden of importing grain,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion Chamunorwa Kaseke added that as traditionalists, they believe the country belongs to the ancestors of Dzimbabwe who should be informed whenever visitors come into the country.

“Visitors are coming to our home and we have to inform the owners of the home, our ancestors that we will be having visitors who are coming to help us celebrate.

“We are celebrating the unity of Zimbabwe which came from the Unity Accord and we are also celebrating the love of Zimbabweans, Zimbabweans are known for their love and this is what makes people visit the country,” he said.

In past editions, the Biras was held in Harare, Chivhu and Chihota.

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