Chitungwiza school maintains 100% pass rate

CORNERSTONE Junior School, located in Chitungwiza, has retained its Harare Province‘s pole position in the November 2020 Zimbabwe Schools and Examination Council(ZIMSEC) Grade 7 public exams after maintaining a 100 percent (%) pass rate.
The upmarket private school, which is part of the Cornerstone Junior and Senior Schools Group, since its first national exams sitting in 2017, has been recording a 100% pass rate, a factor the school attributes to a conducive learning environment.
“We boast of a complement of highly experienced school teaching staff that is dedicated to work,” head Christopher Mapurisana.
A survey by this paper revealed that most private schools scored better than Government ones largely due to the intensive support and ability by their parents to afford online internet expenses in the wake of COVID- 19. Schools such as these also offer small learning classes to allow for close attention to specific pupils’ needs, where 22 candidates sat for the 2020 grade 7 exams, with six achieving five units, two being female students.“At Cornerstone, we groom our learners for future tasks and learning abilities from ECD up to grade 7.
Continuous assessment of learners also helps us to identify learners who require remedial tuition. To us, every learner is an important being of our learning processes,” said Mapurisana.
The head added that the school which set its mark on the highest universal education standards hinged on excellent recruitment and staff retaining, adoption of modern teaching technologies and learning methodologies, and continuous collaborative monitoring and support of learners together with guardians or parents. 
“Continuous assessment of learners also help us identify learners who require remedial tuition. To us, every learner is an important being of our learning processes,” he added. 
According to Mapurisana, the  COVID- 19 pandemic could have been a formidable challenge had it not been for the efficient uptake of online learning. Cornerstone School has set itself to offer a well-rounded education curricular that involves sport, creative art and practical learning. 
Taking advantage of its vast land, where boarding facilities for both primary and high school are in the pipeline, Cornerstone has state-of-the-art sporting facilities. 
This includes an international-standard swimming pool that was once utilised by the now Youths, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister Kirsty Coventry and swimming medallist for her community reach art projects. 
ZIMSEC Board Chairperson, Eddie Mwenje said this year’s pass rate decreased by 9.79% largely due to COVID- 19, according to a recent statement by the examinations council. Following the release of the 2020 grade 7 ZIMSEC results, there have been numerous online ZIMSEC reports that ranked schools that didn’t originate from the body. The body’s spokesperson, Nicholette Dhlamini recently said the examinations body did not rank schools according to results.
“That report circulating on social media did not originate from Zimsec. We don’t rate individual schools, but I can confirm that there was a drop in the pass rate by 9.79% compared to the 2019 results,” Dhlamini said.“The global trend due to the COVID- 19 pandemic affected all learners in one way or the other, so it would have been expected that there would be a decline because of the situation learners found themselves in.”

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