Delta to introduce new beers …unfazed by Pepsi competition

By Daniel Chigundu

GIANT beverages manufacturing company Delta Corporation says it will be introducing about three new types of beers onto to the market in the near future.

The new beers Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona are a result of Delta’s association with ABInBev which took over SAB Miller.

In an interview at the on-going 2018 edition of Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, Delta Corporation corporate affairs executive Patricia Murambinda said the beers are yet to hit the market but will be coming soon.

“Very soon we are looking at introducing Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona; they will join the family by virtue of Delta Corporation association ABInBev.

“The beers are not yet here officially but we have seen them on the black market people are importing them from South Africa but we are bringing them officially as Delta sometime soon.

“Currently I cannot comment on how they have been received because it’s not us supplying them as Delta, I can only comment when we begin to supply them,” she said.

Murambinda added that they will start with importing then consider manufacturing locally as soon there is a business sense on the market.

“We will start off with importing from South Africa and then as the volumes build up then there has to be a business case for us to be able to manufacture them locally so we will start with importing,” she said.

Meanwhile, Patricia Murambinda has revealed that Delta Corporation is not fazed by the entrance of PEPSI onto the country’s beverages market where the company has largely enjoyed some form of monopoly.

“For us, as Delta, we are a company that is open to everyone investing in the country so PEPSI has a right to invest in the country, and we will just compete for the market.

“We got our own pricing model regime looking at the whole value chain from the raw materials that come in, the labour that gets in, the transportation of product until it gets to the end-user so this is what we continuously look at of course we are there to offer value to our consumers and we will continue to look at that,” she said.

PEPSI products are which came onto the Zimbabwe market officially are currently being sold for a lower price compared to Delta Corporation.

It, however, remains to be seen if they will maintain the pricing structure or it’s what some analyst have been calling a market entrance strategy.

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