Economy strains Zimbos

By Roy Nyabvure
‘IT never rains, but pours’ for general Zimbabweans, as the persistent fuel shortages have rendered most transporters redundant, coupled by retailers exorbitant price hikes this week.

The Covid-19 induced national lockdown has not helped rejuvenate the deteriorating economy as prices for basic commodities have been increasing, almost on a daily basis.

It has been really tough for the average Zimbabwean, considering the sky-rocketing prices of basic food commodities in the market to prices beyond the reach of many.

What makes the matter direr is the fact that workers’ income (salaries) has not been reviewed upwards, in fact, most have had to watch their salaries slashed by half or worse, retrenched with no meaningful package.

Fuel has become a scarce commodity to Zimbabweans and to make matters worse, one has to fork out US dollars at most service stations for the golden liquid, otherwise opt to sleep in a fuel queue at the few service stations that are still selling the commodity in the local Zimbabwean currency.

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