Global entrepreneur, Masiyiwa, sets eyes on African creative talent

By Wellington Zimbowa
‘SASAI Moments’, a recently unveiled new social media network app by Fintech under the Econet Global company is set to give an outlet platform for African movies, films and songs.
According to Econet Global’s executive chairman and founder Strive Masiyiwa, creative talent is vast in the motherland, hence the need to support it.
In a post on his official Facebook account, the telecommunications giant revealed that on his follow-up on the uptake of the Sasai Moments social app on the continent, he was awestruck by how it has become a popular talent showcase by African youths.
“The other day I was browsing on Sasai Moments to see what type of content people have begun to upload. I have now seen dance, music, short inspiring quotes and even video gaming clips of competitors in action like supergamer, Jason Juul.
“Funnily enough, I have been following the development of the multi-billion dollar video game industry on a podcast called American Innovations, which is now available on Sasai Podcast. I have actually listened to every single episode of every series on American Innovations. It is just totally amazing!” he said.
He then reiterated the Sasai pod was geared to harness African talent through short 5 minutes and 60 minutes videos and story-telling audios, appealing for support in identifying African talent for showcase on the podcast.
“So, now my friends, the time has arrived to help us showcase… you! African talent is so huge all over the continent. Sasai is the home of African content. Help us find it.”
Masiyiwa noted that despite the abundant African creative talent, fellow Africans were behind in harnessing the natural dividend.
“_What I really want is a platform where Africans can express themselves, and showcase their amazing creative talents: from modern and traditional African music and storytelling (go interview your grandmother!) for instance to futuristic programming to create video games. Africa is a bit behind on this one,” he said.
Entrants can be amateurs or professionals or family and friends having fun as similarly done on popular social podcasts such as YouTube or TikTok.
Freedom of expression and respect for copyrights, other individuals and language are the guiding rules for Sasai Moments creative talent participants as the platform undertakes an entrepreneurship drive.
“Professionals who want to be paid for their content can sell their content directly to the consumer through our platform. We will not buy their content, but they can activate “subscription” for the content they wish to sell, and we will make it possible for them to be paid using @SasaiPay. Note that this payment feature will only be possible in about three months. (When that time comes, remember you can only monetize content that YOU created unless you’ve made the necessary arrangements with the content creator),” said Masiyiwa.
“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it, is your gift back to God.”

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