Government, journalists implored to collaborate for national development

By Ruvimbo Chatyoka and Nomthandazo Giba
THE Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Hon. Monica Mutsvangwa has called for close collaboration between Government and the media as well as unity of purpose in the media industry, as the nation moves towards achieving Vision 2030, which seeks to turn the nation into an upper middle income society.
While addressing journalists in Gweru, Midlands Province, Hon Mutsvangwa said implementation of the national strategy depends on national participation and how the country engages with the outside world, so it is crucial for journalists to be trained to report on such issues.
“The media has been called the Fourth Estate, this more from the important role it has assumed in statecraft and nation building. We are obliged as Government working with the media to ensure that the nation moves in unison as one entity, such that at the end of the day everyone plays their role in ensuring that this national goal is realised.
“That national responsibility or rather obligation to ensure that there is a shared national vision for the common good of everyone lies squarely on the shoulders of those that are gathered here.
“Government is the main source of the information of where the nation is going. Meanwhile the Media with your communication capacity and capabilities, you have the platforms and skills to inform and galvanize the nation to that end. This calls for close collaboration between Government and the media as well as unity of purpose in the media industry in pursuit of the national interest,” said Hon Mutsvangwa.
She added that the second Republic was making strides in pursuing its goals citing the success of the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) and introduction of the National Development Strategy 1.
“Under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, President Dr Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the Second Republic seeks to transform Zimbabwe to an upper middle income society by 2030.
“The roadmap towards that includes the Transitional Stabilisation Programme that began in 2019 and is ending this December 2020. Riding on the success of the TSP are two five year development programmes, NDS 1 running from 2021 to 2025 and NDS 2 which will run from 2026 to 2030.”
The NDS1 has 14 areas which are the national avenues of approach in attaining vision 2030, this requires the government to unpack them into palatable pieces that can be understood by all sundry including the youth, grandmothers and grandfathers in the rural areas.
The development strategy speaks to the uplifting of people’s lives, while it also speaks to a modern lifestyle, state of art infrastructure, enhanced education systems, state of the art healthcare and delivery systems.

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