Gvt to build more schools

By Staff Reporter

THE ministry of primary and secondary education says it is working on a legislative framework to allow private investors to partner government in building schools.

Minister of primary and secondary education Professor Paul Mavima said after putting in place the necessary legislation government was aiming to build 100 schools in the second half of the year.

“We have a deficit of over 2000 schools and we have decided as part of our 100 day target to push for the legislation to build and develop schools through public private partnerships. By the second half we expect to have 100 schools and will ensure I get value for every dollar. Hopefully the interest by our partners will be no more than two percent per annum,” said Mavima while addressing a Progressive Teachers Union Zimbabwe workshop.

Mavima urged the union to embrace the new curriculum despite the challenges as government was working on addressing on them.

“Yes we have challenges with the new curriculum but we cannot stop its implementation owing to that. It is important we embrace it to ensure that our children are adaptable to the needs of the new economy”.

He said that the government was committed to improving the working conditions of teachers once the economy has picked up.

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