Harare’s corridors of shame

AS media houses are awash with the country’s hyperinflationary environment that has got business and the ordinary Zimbabwean thinking the economy is relapsing into the 2008 era, a period generally regarded as nation’s lowest point, authorities should do more to combat the cancer that has eroded the economy, which is none other than corruption.
In Harare, there are certain well-known places where dealers conduct their under-hand deals, such as money laundering.
These people are not your normal street foreign exchange dealers, who are currently engaged in a cat and mouse war with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, but instead, they are the hands behind the street moneychangers. These are the people who feed moneychangers with crisp, brand new banknotes before they are even released into the open market for use by the public.
Without taking much from authorities for the fight against corruption, a lot needs to be done for citizens to have confidence.
Corruption has been visible at the highest levels of business, even from authorities one would think should be the leading light in the fight against graft.
The recent arrest of Health and Child Care minister Obadiah Moyo for alleged abuse of office and his subsequent release on bail will go some way in showing authorities’ sincerity in the fight against individuals and cartels deemed to be side-stepping general business ethics at for personal gain, at the expense of taxpayers money.
That arrest of minister Moyo and jailing of former minister Samuel Undenge should pave a way for a new path where authorities should continue carrying out their duties with no fear, despite the profile of individuals who might be under investigation for shady business deals.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s shot to corrupt individuals and saboteurs comes at the right time, as the country is being at ransom by a few selfish individuals, who have corrupted the system.
However, action is the key if the nation is to make progress in as far as rescuing the country from the york of corruption is concerned.

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