Homelink empowers women entrepreneurs

By Daniel Chigundu

FINANCIAL concern Homelink has financed women, entrepreneurs, to come and exhibit their products and services at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

The women are drawn from the country’s various districts and are showcasing their various products in the arts that range from agricultural produce to arts and craft among many others.

Homelink took a huge exhibition stand to allow the women to exhibit their wares to both potential local and international buyers.

In an interview at the organisation’s exhibition stand in Hall 4, Homelink marketing manager Tendai Rafemoyo said women in rural areas have so much talent but only lack exposure and access to markets.

“We are empowering the women, we are empowering the economy through these women, we have so much talent in the rural areas but there is no access and if these ladies if you speak anyone one of them they will share with you the exposure that they learnt just from speaking to the market and what the market want and also on how to improve their products.

“And we also do training to teach them how to do their business plans so the ZITF has been such an amazing platform for them and as Homelink we have financed them and we have been working with the Ministry of Women Affairs,” she said.

Rafemoyo added that the overall winning from the competing women was Bulilima District and they walked away with $5 000 RTGS and then in every district, it was number 1 to 3 each of them getting $500, $300 and $200 respectively per district and that is how we have been funding this.

According to Rafemoyo, the training “is an on-going program and we are saying we have got these women, they shall train other women in their own districts so its direct impact its someone coming and telling their story how they have seen it.

“Next year we expect different women to come through so that generational thing goes on we have also gone to Masvingo to do workshops with businesswomen, we have done Harare, we have done Gwanda so it’s a national program.

“We will continue to support the women and find ways of financially including them because once she is exposed, once she knows how the money works, how to bank it, how to save it, and how to invest it then she can grow bigger, she can do much more with the talent that she was God-given,” she said.-

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