I will win the UNWTO top post says Mzembi

By Lynette Fushai

TOURISM and hospitality industry Walter Mzembi yesterday told a Press conference that he was in the UNWTO Secretary General race to win.

The term of office for Dr. Taleb Rifai, often described as the best Secretary General UNWTO ever had, is coming to an end next year at the General Assembly which will be hosted by China.

Speaking at a media briefing whilst launching his campaigning website the minister said, “I am carrying the cross for Zimbabwe and I am representing Zimbabwe, I am in it to win and I will win.”

UNWTO Secretary General Post is one of the 17 specialized agents just like UNICEF only to mention but a few who soul mandate is to promot responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

Mzembi said he would have to relocate to Madrid Spain if he is to be elected to the helm of the world biggest tourism governing body.

According to reports, Mzembi’s decision to run  for the SG post raffled feathers in SADC and the world over. Other regions in the world have already reacted or are planning to respond to Hon. Walter’s early start, but most notably has the Vanilla Island organization come out guns blazing, setting the stage for a potential showdown between African countries to determine a candidate who can be put forward and stand a chance to be elected next year in Beijing.

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