I’m not Lacoste: Kaseke

By Ndafadza Madanha

ZIMBABWE Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive Dr Karikoga Kaseke has dismissed talk that he is aligned to Zanu PF’s Lacoste faction.

Lacoste is the moniker for purported supporters of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who are pushing for him to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

The Lacoste faction is locked in a brutal war with the G40 grouping which has in recent weeks fronted defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi as an alternative to VP Mnangagwa.

Dr Kaseke said his association with VP Mnangagwa was professional as the tourism sector falls under his supervisory ambit.

“It’s people who have their own agenda who say I’m Lacoste. I’m loyal to President Mugabe and his VPs. The two VPs were given various ministries to supervise and we fall under the supervision of VP Mnangagwa. I respect authority as a military person and will work with whoever is put in place by the President.

“It was the same with former VP Joice Mujuru I worked with her because the President had appointed her. I respect and I’m loyal to the President and the first family. Those who call me Lacoste can go hang,” he said.

Dr Kaseke also dispelled notions that he was angling for a Parliamentary seat saying he was content with his current posting and had no appetite for politics.

“To politics, I gave my wife, I was first approached to stand but I declined and asked her to stand. Also in Mhondoro, I was approached to stand but declined and I helped Sylvester Nguni win the seat as I introduced him to the chiefs and people of the community”.

As the brutal factional wars in the ruling ZANU intensify senior officials in government and parastatals find themselves hard pressed to identify with a side.

Analysts have warned government programs could soon come to standstill as civil servants hesitate to discharge their duties.

The ZTA chief executive also revealed that he was still in the military and was only seconded to civil service and has just not been recalled.

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