Indian artists arrive for Carnival …promises a good performance

By Daniel Chigundu

PANTHOIBI Jagoi Marup from India has arrived in the country for the 2017 edition of Harare International Carnival.

Various international groups including the famous Samba Queens of Brazil and the Cubans are billed to perform at this year’s edition of Carnival jamboree.

In an interview at the Harare International Airport, Panthoibi Jagoi Marup team leader Dhanarani Devi said they are ready for the carnival and promised a good performance.

“You can expect a good performance for the carnival and we have taken part in other carnivals before and we know what is expected of us.

“In as much we are going to give a good performance, we are also expecting to learn your culture as well and that is what Carnival is all about,” she said.

The 2017 edition of Carnival has a lot of precursor events that will lead to the much-expected street party scheduled for the 9th of September where various local and international artists are going to showcase their culture and arts.

Besides the street party, musicians are also billed to perform from Saturday into Sunday at the main stage that will be stationed at the Civic Grounds.

There is however still some confusion as to whether the much-loved Zodwa Wabantu from South Africa will make an appearance at the event, as some reports are saying the Censorship Board has banned her from taking part.

Hell broke loose for Zodwa after Zimbabwean actress Anne Nhira wrote to the ministry of tourism requesting that the South African socialite be banned alleging she is a prostitute, is of ill-morals and is a bad influence on society.

However, according to Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive Dr Karikoga Kaseke, Carnival is a celebration of diversity and differences in society.

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