Is Joice Mujuru destined for the bin?

By Daniel Chigundu

JOICE Mujuru is one politician in the country who would like to quickly forget the month of November and December owing to developments that saw several of her party supporters resigning in numbers at a time when others are consolidating.

The veteran liberator who was sacked from Zanu PF a few years ago on allegations of trying to usurp power, has not had it easy since the death of her powerful and cunning husband general Solomon Mujuru who is believed to have been the force behind her miraculous ascendency to power.

Joice or Mai Mujuru as she is affectionately known in political circles has dismally failed to keep her political party intact since the day she formed Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) and even now National People’s Party (NPP).

At ZimPF, the situation can be understood because there were too many centres of power and Mujuru being the only woman at the top, she could not contend with pressures of being bullied by power-hungry patriarchic political vultures such as Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa.

But it is recent developments in NPP that makes one worry about Mai Mujuru’s abilities to lead, or where her political career is headed.

Others have already written her off the country’s political radar arguing that she has been clutching on a straw of political sympathy owing to her unfair treatment at the hands of former first-lady Grace Mugabe.

To make matters worse, Mai Mujuru has publicly refused to join hands with other opposition parties under the banner of MDC Alliance.

According to Mujuru, it is not possible to join an alliance that bears the name of another party. This accession however makes a bit of sense though at the wrong time.

Now that the military has successfully taken over Zanu PF and government, and is now fronted by Emmerson Mnangagwa, most former Zanu PF members including war veterans are retracing their footprints back home.

It however remains to be seen what will Mai Mujuru do, will she retrace her footprints back to the revolutionary party like others, or she will remain isolated in the country’s political jungle.

Mujuru is slowly running out of bargaining power, options or leverage as she is getting weaker and weaker on a monthly basis.

Other opposition parties especially those that have chosen her to lead them under the banner of People’s Rainbow Coalition will begin to notice this and will surely dump her for MDC Alliance.

The logical thing to do right now is for Mai Mujuru to swallow her pride and principles and join a better coalition and make her demands while inside that way she will not lose much.

Mai Mujuru doesn’t really need to think much as there are only three options available to her:

1) Rejoin Zanu PF: after all when she was sacked, Mujuru made it clear that she will forever remain Zanu PF because it’s the only party she knows. It’s easier to rejoin the party because everyone appears to be in agreement that the party had been captured by G40 and in politics they say, “there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy”.

2) Join MDC Alliance: If she thinks Zanu PF is too dirty and cruel as she has been telling us, then her natural choice should be the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC Alliance although she will have to contend with the name MDC which she has said “pasi nayo” in the past. Going for this choice will also mean she has to contend with a lower or no position at all and accept that Tsvangirai is supreme and in 2018 its “Tsvangirai chete chete”.

3) Retire from Politics: If she cannot afford stooping so low into taking the first two options then Mai Mujuru has the privilege of retiring from politics. She has all the money she needs and the good thing is that she is not a fancy-shopper like Gucci-Grace and to ice it all she has a farm or farms and grandchildren to play with.

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