It’s time to unite the country: Khupe

By Daniel Chigundu

MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe has called on President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa to put more emphasis on uniting the country if he entertains hopes of developing the country going forward.

Zimbabwe is hugely divided on tribal grounds, regionalism and political affiliation among many others.

However, it is tribalism between the Shona and Ndebele groups which is more pronounced and has reportedly seen certain areas in the country lagging behind in terms of development since independence in 1980.

People of Ndebele origin are of the view that the Matabeleland region is hugely under-developed because the country is being ruled by people from Mashonaland region.

Addressing the media Khupe who was third in the just ended Presidential election, said Mnangagwa should move away from the economics of centralisation and implement the much-needed devolution.

“My plea to President Mnangagwa is that he should unite the country, and deal with the outstanding issue of injustices; we want him to move away from a centralized economy to a devolved economy

“The President must after inauguration call for a meeting with the 22 other Presidential candidates so that we can have a common purpose and please note we are not calling for a government of national unity (GNU).

“Zimbabweans have suffered for a long time and they now deserve a relief, so my plea is let’s unite for the sake of the 13 million people in Zimbabwe,” she said.

The former trade unionist and MDC vice president added that their participation in the just ended harmonised elections was not about getting into power but was more about offering the much-needed alternative.

“We participated because we believed we were the alternative, for us it was not about power but about moving the country forward, people want water, power, food and these can come only if we are united,” she said.

Although there have been growing talks of a possible GNU, however, the top two parties Zanu PF and MDC Alliance have both dismissed the talk.

President Mnangagwa was quoted in the media saying there was no need for an inclusive government since his party got a two-thirds majority in Parliament and the Presidency.

Nelson Chamisa, on the other hand, has ruled out the GNU possibility since campaign days saying if he wins the election, his government will be composed of new people who will bring fresh ideas.

While the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has announced election results declaring that Mnangagwa won the polls, Chamisa is of the view that he is the winner and that ZEC rigged the election in favour of Mnangagwa.

Chamisa and his MDC Alliance are expected to file a court challenge disputing the election results sometime this week.-

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