Junior Cabinet establishment contradicts law – Analysts

By Simbarashe Musaki
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has a lot of advisors, but the country is yet to reap the results of the advice and the recent junior cabinet establishment contradicts the Law of Parsimony, which is against multiplication of entities without necessity, political analysts have said.
This follows the establishment of the junior ministerial portfolios, despite that, the positive gains of the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC), Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), senior cabinet and parliament gave remained chimerical.
Zambian based political philosophy lecturer, Godfrey Marera, in an exclusive interview with The BusinessConnect urged the government to find and prioritise simple solutions to the economic crisis, opining that the move is grooming of a young “praise and worship’ team diametrically opposed to bringing in new ideas.
“Ockham’s razor or the ‘Law of Parsimony’ says that entities should not be multiplied without necessity. In our case, I would say that there is over multiplication of entities without necessity. We may end up being caught in a maze of our own making. Junior cabinets are realized for particular objectives. A suit that looks nice and fitting on your companion might not be the right one for you.
“It might even make you look like a scarecrow. Considering our resources and the problems we are facing, it is time we get focused and find simple solutions that are feasible. We need to prioritise. The junior cabinet might be a way of grooming young loyalists to some hidden agenda than bringing in new ways of thinking,” said Marera.
South African based political scientist, Donald Zhou, chipped in arguing that the junior cabinet is a noble exercise, being wrongly used by the government as a publicity stunt, prior to questioning the transparency of coming up with the youths ministers.
He said, “ED already has a lot of advisors, but the country is yet to reap the results of the advice. Things have gone worse compared to the period of the coup, so one may say all these hangers-on, are there to milk the state than to help the country grow economically.
“Unfortunately, although this is a noble exercise to expose the youths to governance issues, the government currently uses this as a publicity stunt. The issues raised by the juniors are pertinent, but unfortunately, they are never going to be addressed, as the government seems clueless on addressing the country’s socio-economic issues. In order for this to function, we need the economy to be addressed, there is also need for transparency in how the junior cabinet is selected, and it needs also to inspire kids that are in the rural areas.”
He ruled out the move as a new blood grooming exercise, to dump the ruling party’s culture of recycling old horses in cabinet hypothesizing that only military personnel can take positions if regeneration idea visits the ZANU PF leadership.
“There is no grooming in ZANU PF, in fact the party itself has no control over what’s happening. The party has been taken over by the military and you will find that the structures operate in a command structure. If there is to be regeneration it will be those from the military coming to take positions,” said Zhou.

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