Kaseke tears into Mzembi …says he had no vision for tourism

By Daniel Chigundu

ZIMBABWE Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive Dr Karikoga Kaseke says the former Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi’s perceived vision for the tourism sector was not a vision at all.

Mzembi’s vision was 5:5:15:2020 – (towards a US$5 billion tourism economy from five million arrivals, contributing 15 percent to the Gross Domestic Product, by the year 2020.

However, addressing delegates during a stakeholder consultative workshop for the National Tourism Sector Strategy, Dr Kaseke said the former minister thought he was a visionary by virtue of being appointed by former President Robert Mugabe.

“…he said his vision was 5:5:15:2020, to some of us here we would say that’s not a vision, I would agree with all those who say it’s not a vision, it has never been a vision but the only problem that we had with this vision especially those who were working with him we were being accused every day, every morning that you are not supporting my vision.

Former Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi

“A vision should never come from a minister, a vision should come from all you here like we are gathered here, he should have said we are not seeing the same vision that we could have understood not to say you are not supporting my vision,” he said.

According to Dr Kaseke, vision is least understood by many people adding that others think it comes by being appointed to higher offices

“Vision, as you know, is the least understood word, everybody thinks he knows, everybody thinks once he gets a position that is higher than other people you become a visionary, you turn a visionary by getting a position overnight.

“You must have learned, vision can be learned, yes some leaders are born leaders but leadership can be learned so when people think because they have been appointed by the former President they become visionaries overnight becomes a problem,” said Dr Kaseke.




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