Lafarge US$25m expansion project underway

By Varaidzo Zhakata
ZIMBABWE Stock Exchange listed Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe Limited has completed a US$2.2 million project the first phase of the US$25 million expansion project – a three-pronged project – which will see the firm doubling cement capacity, tripling of agricultural lime capacity and automation of the dry motors plant, respectively.
Once completed, the project – which was accorded a National Project Status in 2019 – will enable Lafarge to double its operations by 2022.
Addressing delegates at the ground-breaking ceremony in Manresa, Harare, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development professor Mthuli Ncube said cement plays a significant role in upgrading the living standards of people globally, through job formation and supplying of numerous economic aids to correlated industries.
“Cement, as you are aware plays a significant role in improving people’s standards of living globally, through creation of employment and provision of multiple cascading economic benefits to associated countries.
“Cement is an extremely important construction material used for housing and infrastructure development, making it a key to economic growth and as such, the Zimbabwean government views it as a strategic industry with great importance to our economy,” said professor Ncube.
He also highlighted that production of agricultural lime will be boosted, hence positively impacting on the nation’s self-sufficiency of agriculture and food.
The use of the Dry Mortar Plant will allow Lafarge to export to other countries in the region, which will certain aid in generating the much needed foreign currency in the country, highlighted Professor Ncube.
“The coming online of the Dry Mortar plant will ensure import substitution and enable Lafarge cement Zimbabwe to export to other countries in the region. This will indeed contribute to a favourable Balance of Payment Position for our country,” remarked professor Ncube.
The project exhibits impudence in the macro-economic viewpoint of the country under the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP).
Speaking at the same occasion, Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe chairperson Mr. Kumbirai Katsande said the firm was excited at the prospect of aiding to the country’s vision through the expansion project.
“This (expansion project) will indeed go a long way in complementing government efforts towards infrastructure development, agriculture development, import substitution and indeed forex generation.
“As Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe, we are excited to contribute to this important national agenda, which will see us achieve Vision 2030,” he said.

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