Let a new dawn arise

THE world over, Health professionals are regarded as heroes, especially during trying times we are currently living in, considering the advent of the deadly killer virus, COVID- 19, that has accounted for over a million lives, to date.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently appointed his Vice President Rtd. General Constantino Chiwenga, as the country’s new health and child care minister, to replace Dr Obadiah Moyo, who is currently trying to clear his name from allegations of abusing his office.
However, now that the revered Vice President Chiwenga is at the helm of the health system at a peculiar time, which is very critical in the survival of many of the country’s socio-economic spheres, it remains to be seen whether he (Chiwenga) will advocate for health professionals’ welfare and working conditions.
As the COVID- 19 pandemic is currently spreading like a wildfire, in Zimbabwe, with not less than 100 cases being reported daily, for the past few days, health professionals should be Government’s main focus, in as far as providing for their daily and routine needs, to enable them to carry out their chores, which is serving the people of Zimbabwe.
Many clinics have been shut down, across the country, as a result of the ongoing strike by nurses and other health professionals, who are protesting over poor working conditions and lobbying authorities to increase.
Nurses have been working without proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), which exposes them to contracting the deadly scourge (COVID- 19), effects of which would have grave ripple effects in the community, as nurses might become the vehicle through which the virus is spread.
A worrying incident, in a local high-density suburb, in Harare, saw some unruly youths (who were clearly breaking lockdown regulations) whistling and booing a small group of nurses who were going about their business in their neat blue and white attire.
Residents should also reason and think of these heroes (nurses) who are putting their own lives at risk, working in ill-equipped hospitals and clinics just to save lives.
In the world we are living in, health professionals have become heroes as they have put others before themselves, and our own professionals (health) are doing the same, hence the government, corporate world and general populace should take heed and reflect that COVID- 19 is real and these brave men and women are sacrificing themselves to assist fellow Zimbabweans who are not feeling well, and even those who are healthy through many different forms.
Now, it’s up to the minister of health to make sure that those falling under his ministry are well protected from not only the COVID- 19 pandemic, but also other highly infectious diseases.
Let a new dawn arise in the health sector. A phase were strikes and squabbles between the employer and employee is a thing of the past.
Life is precious, and so these sons and daughters of the soil (health professionals) need to be heard and catered for, to prevent the unnecessary loss of life.
It was disturbing to read in the press the passing on of six (6) children at a local hospital. Unfortunate events like this one could have been easily avoided if nurses were at their workstations.
Hopefully, the new minister will come with sweeping reforms that will enable our health professionals to wear their uniforms with pride, as they go to save lives, each day of their professional careers.

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