Lifeline for Zim Fish Farmers

By Ndafadza Madanha 

LOCAL Green house supplier, GreenCon has launched a revolutionary product that is targeted for fish farmers.

The product dubbed “Fish in Tank” is housed in green house/tunnels enabling intensive fish production.

Fish will grow in a tank contained in a greenhouse allowing them to grow at optimum levels and enhancing the viability of the venture.

“We have decided to launch the fish in a tank owing to the high demand for sea food growing. In Zimbabwe we consume about 1.3m kg of per annum yet in Zambia and Malawi over six million kgs are consumed so we are lagging behind but the market for fish in Zimbabwe is huge.

GreenCon launching the FishTank

Fish farming has become a good source of income and market is crying out to be tapped into, our greenhouses are of the highest quality made of galvanized steel and when one invests in them, they would have made a good investment,”   said GreenCon director Charles Chapwanya.

Fish farmers have struggled to run viable venture as fish require consistent warm temperatures upwards 26 degrees Celsius. However, the placing of the fish tank in  the green house will ensure the fish are able to grow and feed to the desired sizes.

GreenCon Team

Chapwanya said the ten thousand litter fish tank was collapsible and can easily be installed in the Greenhouse with waste from the fish used as manure for produce.

He said the tank can carry over 200 fish at a time and the farmer is assured of a fish size of 400-500gram at harvest.

“The tank is able to collect the waste as fifty percent of the food fish eat is turned into waste. After collecting the waste is flushed out in the produce that will be in the greenhouse. Fish waste is rich in many nutrients so nothing goes to waste.

At harvest, the farmer is assured of getting 80-120kgs and that is good coupled with the fact the farm will receive more income from the produce in the greenhouse”.

The Fish Tank

While Chapwanya conceded that the startup costs were seemingly prohibitive, the return from the project was immense and the customer was guaranteed of receiving quality products and services.

“GreenCon supplies green houses of the highest quality and its services are much sought after in the region and beyond. For instance, the fish tank has  a lifespan of over 15 years while for our greenhouse we give of up to three years.

“The company started in the early nineties as greenhouse supplies but we have diversified into other agricultures related products and services. We have recently completed a big project in Ivory Coast and will soon be heading to Gabon. Regionally we have done works in Zambia, Mozambique, and DRC.

Our Greenhouse is of the highest quality and is triple layered and tested by three international quality organizations.”

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