Local investor snaps up stake in Dr Dish

By Staff Reporter

PROMINENT lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa through his Ktulu Nominees has emerged as the single largest Shareholder in Dr Dish following a deal signed over the weekend. The transaction will see Mlotshwa becoming the Chairman of Dr Dish, while Nyasha Muzavazi steps down as Executive Chairman to assume the Chief Executive Officer role.

“I am very excited to announce the taking over of 50% by Ktulu Nominees representing the family interests of one of Zimbabwe’s prominent Lawyers Gerald Mlotshwa. The transaction brings in the much needed Capital to launch our exciting products and services and Products over the Satellite Broadcasting Network in Zimbabwe and Africa Sub Sahara, within the next few days after the necessary Regulatory Notifications as required by the Broadcasting Services Act Chapter 12:06.

The deal follows a cancellation of a Content Distribution deal by Econet Media on 10 November which the latter had entered with Dr Dish. This cancellation says Dr Dish was done, illegally and without notice and to the end that they are pursuing damages through an arbitration process.  Dr Dish alleges the cancellation effectively means that Kwese is operating without a licence.

“Within the next few Weeks Dr Dish which has acquired a full transponder on Yemal 402 satellite which shares the same dish with Intelsat 20 and also additional satellite capacity on SES 5 which also shares the same dish and LNB with Eutelsat 7B  satellite will be launching a Multi Satellite platform ,offering a wide range of both subscription and non Subscription content using a wide range of compatible receivers to give convenience to our, customers who are already on IS20 and Eutelsat 7B.

We believe in infrastructure sharing and interoperability of Broadcasting Apparatus that will see viewers accessing more than 40 entertainment channels without paying any subscription and more than 110 Subscription Channels. We are more than just a television network and will be rolling out the first satellite Tele-Learning, first satellite Tele-Health and first satellite Tele-Farming in Zimbabwe in addition to the general media channels offered by traditional content distributors.” Said Nyasha

Muzavazi added that they were in advanced talks with a local telecommunication company to rollout “Television everywhere” for all their various satellite products via a mobile application.

“This development will soon do away with brick and motor schools as learners from ECD to University will receive learning content from the comfort of their homes, office or mobile device. We are also in the process of recruiting installers and dealers for our countrywide and distribution network.

Another thing of note is how we are at an advanced stage in finalizing a PPP with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for the Tele-Learning service via Satellite transmission. The cancellation of our Agreement by Econet Media illegally, strengthened our resolve to pursue our original business model that we had shelved after signing Econet Media in good faith, as we expected the marriage with Kwese   to run its full life. Econet media however negotiated with BAZ to run outside our license and terminated the agreement without notice.  We had to quickly look for new investors, which initiatives brought Ktulu Nominees on Board.

There is surely going to be a healthy competition in the television media industry for the benefit of consumers. We have lot of products of media that will lower subscription rates by our competitors as we pursue disruptive innovation in the television industry for the benefit of consumers who have been exploited for a long time.  Accordingly our subscription rates will be coming down to as low as $10 for premium channels.” said Muzavazi.

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