Mangoma seeks to clear name from Wicknell saga

By Daniel Chigundu

RENEWAL Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader Elton Mangoma has requested to appear before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy in a bid to clear his name from controversial awarding of a solar power project to Intratek.

Mangoma, who was a former Minister of Energy and Power Development during the time of the inclusive government, was mentioned in Parliament to be among the ministers involved in the dubious awarding of the tender to Wicknell Chivayo.

In a letter to Parliament, Mangoma requested that he appear before the committee to clear his name and also enlighten on some of the issues in the saga.

“The above committee (Parliament Committee on Mines and Energy) had a session with ZESA regarding the fraudulent activities of Wicknell Chivayo on Monday 12 March 2018.

“In that session, my name was smeared and an impression created that I was also involved. At no time was involved in the tender with Intratek and Chivayo.

“I write to ask to appear before the said committee so that I not only clear my name but also enlighten the committee on the reported matter and other issues,” said Mangoma.

Chivayo was reportedly awarded a tender for the Gwanda Solar power project in 2015 although his company had lost the bid.

According to ZPC, Chivayo’s company was given part payment for the project but currently, nothing has happened except for the two shack’s that were built there earlier this year.

According to the State Procurement Regulatory Authority, the decision to give Chivayo the tender in question was actually illegal as he had lost the bid.

It, however, remains to be seen how the committee will respond to Mangoma’s request.





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