Mashakada takes swipe at opposition politicians

By Simbarashe Musaki and Tendai Dune
VETERAN politician and MDC-T Hatfield legislator, Hon. Tapiwa Mashakada has urged Zimbabweans to move from experimenting with tired methods of trying to remove the government, through demonstrations and engage the ZANU PF administration in the national dialogue.
This follows a flop of the planned July 31 demonstration, which led to arrest of Transform Zimbabwe president Jacob Ngarivhume, who was the chief organiser.
Mashakada, in a statement, labelled the organisers ‘cowards’; serve for Job Sikhala, before advising them to consider dialogue rather than being Tweeter revolutionaries.
“The much-touted July 31 demonstration has failed to take off, not because the people do not have a genuine cause, but because of fear and a lack of courageous leadership, who are prepared to sacrifice their luxurious life. The ZANU PF government is entrenched and battle-hardened. You cannot beat them in the game of violence. This is the generation of Perence Shiri, who were ready to sacrifice their lives to free us from the yoke of colonial bondage and they paid the ultimate price.
“The social media activists are good for nothing, but inciting other people to cannon fodder when they are hiding in safe places. Why not change tactics and strategy, and try national dialogue than pretend to be revolutionaries? Apart from Tendai Biti and Job Sikhala, I see a lot of cowards in the rank and file of those who chose the demonstration route. Suffering continues, while we, in the opposition, are experimenting with tired methods of removing the government.
“Let us try dialogue and national convergence in order to find each other. After all, the politicians do not feel the pinch. They are looting across the political divide, driving luxurious vehicles and barricaded in their suburbs wearing expensive suits. We must not use the people to satisfy our egos. Demonstrations are being used to tick the box and play to the international gallery. The regime remains clueless on how to run the economy, but the opposition does not make the situation better by not engaging the rulers, like what Tsvangirai did,” he said.
Mashakada added that despite the deficiency of revolutionaries in opposition circles, demonstrations are discouraged due to the sharp increase in COVID 19 cases.
He said, “The tweeter activists are hiding and hoping that the innocent poor can come out to confront the regime. But even then, under the COVID 19 pandemic, demonstrations were not ideal because of public health reasons.”
The planned July 31st demonstrations eventually flopped as security agents mounted security checkpoints at the major routes leading into the central business district. As of 30 July, army and police trucks could be seen patrolling the streets of Harare’s CBD, while most businesses failed to open for business.

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