Masiyiwa rallies behind nurses and doctors

By Wellington Zimbowa
AFRICAN Union special envoy, Dr Strive Masiyiwa has paid tribute to diaspora African health workers, applauding their shining ‘diligence and dedication’ as they sacrifice their lives on the frontline battle against COVID- 19.
Describing himself as ‘a messiah angel’, he assured them of his formidable weapon- prayer- a tool he acknowledges for his epic rise as he navigated hurdles that could have rendered the stillbirth of his Econet Wireless empire, due to vested public office abuse influences by sections of Zimbabwe’s bureaucracy.
The telecommunications business mogul and philanthropist also paid glowing tribute to the health personnel in ‘the motherland’.
His sentiments come at a time President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is at intense loggerheads with doctors and nurses who have downed tools, citing poor remuneration and working environment.
“Many Africans in the diaspora, in places like the United Kingdom (UK), France, Belgium, the United States of America (USA), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are highly skilled people, who work in the health profession.
“Since COVID- 19, my heart has been broken each time I hear about the death of @DiasporaNation Healthcare Workers.
“They have died in very, very large numbers, in service to Humanity!
“If you are in @DiasporaNation, working in HealthCare, I just want to say, “I love you!”
“May the Angel of the Lord, whose I am, remember and protect you! On Friday every week, I’m going to #fast and pray for you all. You may not be able to join me, but someone on this platform will join me for you,” he recently posted on his official Facebook page.
This comes amid concerns of high death statistics of minority groups, among doctors and nurses in Europe, and America, attending to COVID -19 patients.
According to the UK government’s National Healthcare Services, minority groups mainly blacks have succumbed to the global pandemic.
England’s Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre report found that 34% of more than 3,000 critically ill Coronavirus patients identified as black, Asian or minority ethnic.
Now a major subscriber through the market segment, the internationally decorated Masiyiwa faced insurmountable hurdles to getting government license at a time former Vice President Joyce Mujuru was then telecommunications industry minister.
Shunning corruption requests in the midst of court battles, he reflects in his memoirs on social networks.
The religious executive resorted to prayers and recounting how his sleep’s dreams gave him real revelations and moral strength.
Together with wife Tsitsi, the couple embarked on massive philanthropic work targeting orphans, rural development – and health, reckoning him as the ideal candidate for the A.U ambassadorship title.
His A.U role is to facilitate the pooling of medical resources for the continent against Covid-19.
Masiyiwa’s Higherlife Foundation Trust once came to the country’s relief during the cholera outbreak in 2008, through providing medical accessories and consumables and allowance for key health staff.
The Econet empire, incorporating subsidiaries of its offshoot Smarttech’s Vaya Logistics and Clean City have been actively supporting the government of Zimbabwe to boost public healthcare response, through financial and logistics support, among others.

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