MDC-T priming for National Transition Authority?

By Simbarashe Musaki
THE Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T, is geared up for a National Transition Authority (NTA) – if approached by the ruling party, ZANU PF – to rescue citizens from drowning in an economic quagmire, that is if the chitchat brewing in political corridors contains any grain of truth.
This follows speculation on social media and pleas for an NTA from suffering ordinary citizens, after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for political dialogue with MDC-Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa fell on deaf ears.
Reinstated MDC-T chairperson, Morgan Komichi, in an exclusive interview with The Business Connect stated that an opposition party should be a convergent thinker rather than an economic challenges catalyst, and anything which improves citizens’ livelihood is welcome.
“As long as it’s a way to resolve economic challenges of the country and improve the citizens’ livelihood, it will be a thing to consider, but it must be authorized by the party first. The people of Zimbabwe must also have a by the ear of the whole process because ideas can come from anyone and as long as they are ideas to address the economic challenges, no one should block those efforts.
“The opposition party must be a part of the solution to the economic challenges facing the country as opposed to being part of the challenges. So, as MDC-T, we are going to be part of the solution of the nation’s economic challenges. You don’t necessarily need to be the president of the country to resolve the economic issues of this country, but that can be done at any leadership position,” said Komichi.
The former MDC-T vice president, Komichi, clarified the legitimacy issue which had been a stumbling block for political dialogue between President Mnangagwa and former MDC – T leader Chamisa, before accusing him of common sense and party vision monopoly.
He said, “The legitimacy issue is subjective, but legally speaking, the issue was resolved by the Constitutional Court. We took the matter to ConCourt ourselves as MDC and the matter was publicly heard, and the judgment was given. So, many strongly feel that, if we respect the rule of law as we claim, Mnangagwa is currently the President. What we need to do now is to deal with real issues, that are, political and economic reforms in preparation of 2023 elections. This is what we must focus on.
“The legitimacy issue was the view of the then leader of MDC-T, Nelson Chamisa. The vision is set by the leader, your personal opinion might not be considered, but truly speaking, if we are believers of the rule of law, constitutionality and democracy, we should abide by the ConCourt ruling.”

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