NDS1 prioritizes youth inclusion

THE recently launched National Development Strategy 1 (2021 – 2025), which takes over from the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) (October 2018 – December 2020), raises a lot of interesting, chief among them efforts to focus on producing industrialists and capitalists from the school system rather than job seekers.
This is a noble initiative and will obviously take some dome doing, such that one would only hope that changing the schools curriculum wouldn’t cause confusion as what happened in the recent past.
Government’s efforts should be commended and complemented by various stakeholders in the education sector, as it is no lie that thousands of youth are jobless, not because they do not have qualities demanded by firms operating in the country, but partly because there is too much competition for a few vacancies in the economy.
The NDS1 states 300 000 youth produced by the school system, approximately 10% are being employed and pursuing further studies creating a large pool of educated unemployed youth.
Some of the unemployed youth have gone to demonstrate and asking for jobs by wearing their graduation gowns and caps while posing as street vendors to bring awareness to authorities to take action and be more creative in as far as creating job opportunities is concerned.
Through the NDS1, Government plans to produce industrialists and entrepreneurs, however, this will not be an overnight success, but a success story I the making if all goes according to plan.
Government forecasts that competition will shift from looking for jobs to more competition in industry and commerce.
However, the other youth who may not benefit from the government’s future plans may feel hard done, as their current situation may also require a solution.

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