Opposition parties distance themselves from July 31st demo organisers

By Simbarashe Musaki and Tendai Dune
OPPOSITION political parties have rejected Transform Zimbabwe president Jacob Ngarivhume and Green Revolution commandant Godfrey Tsenengamu’s call for an inclusive anti-corruption demonstration, citing the approach as the subscription to cockroach eye-view, due to COVID- 19 pandemic, in the chorus, opining dialogue as the sole panacea to dissatisfaction.
National Constitution Assembly (NCA) spokesperson, Madock Chivasa distanced his party from the July 31st demonstration but urged protestors to be peaceful.
“As NCA, we are not part of the demonstration. We believe that we need to give dialogue a chance before engaging in demonstrations. However, there is no problem with the planned demonstrations, as it is enshrined in our constitution. We urge the organizers to ensure that the demonstration is peaceful and they must be accountable to what happens, as a result of the demonstration.
“The police must not respond to demonstrators in a brutal and violent manner, as before, only those who are caught on the wrong side of the law must be arrested,” said Chivasa.
Outspoken Labour, Economic and Democrats president, Linda Masarira, reminded citizens of the ugliness of COVID- 19 and the consequences of participating in an unsanctioned demonstration.
She said, “As LEAD, we will not be going in the streets on July 31. We will only amplify our voice on social media on eradicating corruption and finding solutions that last to curb corruption in Zimbabwe. It is one thing taking people into the streets, exposing people to COVID- 19 and possibly arrests without achieving the main agenda of making a transformative impact, regarding dealing with the corruption issue. We advise people to think about their health, safety and future.
“Demonstrating is a constitutional right as enshrined in Section 59 of our Constitution, but there are many ways to kill a cat, and show disgruntlement against corruption, without exposing innocent people to COVID- 19.”
MDC-T chairman, Morgan Komichi, believes the demonstration organisers’ approach is untimely, despite having a genuine cause.
“The organisers of the demonstration never consulted us, we are only seeing it on social media. The demonstration push factors are noble ones, but probably the approach to the solution must be considered, whether it’s viable to put people on the streets when the nation is fighting the COVID–19 pandemic. In my, view I would like the responsible leadership to take note of that, If we are to march on July 31, where are we going to be putting our people, in as far as the chances of being infected by the disease.”

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