Pitt and Jolie’s marriage ended way back …By The Sea tells it all

By Michael Gwarisa

NEWS that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were calling it quits from their 12 year long bumpy marriage came as a surprise to many.

Despite the couple having starred in a number of Hollywood blockbusters like Mr and Mrs Smith, A Mighty Heart, and the recent one By The Sea which was their last movie together, indications were rife that the affair had reached rock bottom and the only way out was out of the union.

In the 2015 Drama, By The Sea which was written and directed by Angelina Jolie, it is vivid and without doubt that Jolie was no longer happy in her marriage and she needed a break.

In the story which was set in France in the mid 70s, Vannessa (Angelina Jolie) a former dancer and her husband Roland (Brad Pitt) an American writer traveled the country together in a bid to rekindle the fire in their marriage.

A number of factors might have contributed to Brangelina’s Collapse:

Boring Sex Life

As one watches the movie By The Sea, a certain young couple is introduced somewhere at the beginning of the movie whose electric sexcapades get the attention of Vannessa. One day as Vanessa is chilled in her hotel room she discovers a hole drilled across the wall which connects their room to the another one where a young couple is enjoying each other (sexually) on numerous occasions everyday. She (Vannesa) makes it a habit to peep through the wall every-time the young couple is making love a sign that her marriage was lacking the sexual ingredient.

I mean, who does that unless one is a pervert of sexually starved?

Lack of attention from Hubby 

Since Jolie is the one who applied for divorce, let me at the point blame the husband for the demise of the marriage. It is highly reported that Pitt is so obsessed with movie making to the extent that sometimes he doesn’t get enough time with his family. In the movie By The Sea, Pitt is seen spending much of his time at a Local Bar where has developed a close relationship with the bar owner leaving Jolie to go through her misery alone.

Pitt too old for comfort

Ageing can be a serious threat to marriages if not handled maturely. Angelina might not have taken the 11 year age difference lightly as her evidenced by her desire for the young man in the movie By The Sea who would go out of his way to please his young wife in any way possible (sexually that it is). One day Vannesa stormed the young couple’s hotel room and found him alone, had it not been for her husband Roland, she would have slept with the young man.

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