PPC Zimbabwe reaches out to builders …move meant to encourage quality work

By Daniel Chigundu

PPC Zimbabwe has started reaching out to builders with a view to promote right use of cement and encourage quality work by builders.

Addressing builders drawn from Tynwald and Madokero for a Builders Workshop, PPC Zimbabwe technical support specialist Nickie Runganga said builders are key in the development of a nation and his company has made is their responsibility to educate them on good practice.

“We as PPC Zimbabwe have therefore made it our social responsibility to educate builders on the correct building practices so that we can build a nation with lasting and strong structures.

“Builders are key in the development of a nation with structures that will last for generations and our relationship with builders start the moment they buy a bag of cement,” he said.

Some buildings have collapsed in the past months while some home-seeking Zimbabweans have had to rebuild their houses owing to poor workmanship or wrong choice of cement by the builders.

Runganga said there are different types of cement in the country, adding that PPC Zimbabwe currently manufacture about four types all of which have varying specifications and generally work differently.

“As PPC Zimbabwe we have on the market PMC 22.5, this is generally for masonry, general brickwork and is good for plastering. UNICEM 32.5 is general purposes cement and works for anything starting from concrete.

“SUREBUILD 42.5 N is a premium extra strength but is for general purposes application as well and we also have SURECAST 42.54 R which is a premium high quality cement designed to meet early strength requirements with versatility and enhanced durability benefits,” he said.

PPPC Zimbabwe is arguably the largest cement manufacturing company in the country with over 100 years existence and has provided cement for such outstanding national project as Kariba Dam, Lake Mutirikwi, Harare International Airport, Victoria Falls Airport and the recently commissioned Tokwe Mukosi.

The company boasts of three plants in the country that is Collen Bawn, Bulawayo and recently commissioned US$82 million Harare plant in Sunway City.

PPC Zimbabwe Harare plant comes at the right time as demand for cement is expected to increase as government and property developers are in the process of trying to close about 2 million housing deficit that has continued to haunt the country.

The giant cement company is expecting to take the Builders Workshop across the country.

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