ProBrands invests US$4m in dairy ops

By Staff Reporter

ProBrands has invested US$4 million into its dairy operations since 2016 which has seen volumes of milk growing from one million litres of milk to an anticipated three million litres by end of 2018.

According to ProBrands managing director Calum Philip ProDairy will import another 400 heifers to reduce the national raw milk gap.

“We shall bring in the 400 calf heifers from South Africa and this is the biggest private import and will produce 250 000 litres a month and this will reduce the national gap by 5 percent. The raw milk demand for the nation is 10 million litres but milk processing plants are getting five million litres. To cover this gap we require 8000 milking cattle,” said Philip.

He said the company was purchasing another 700 000 litres from farmers every month and the number was expected to rise to 1.2million a month by the close of the year.

Philip said ProDairy had partnered Grassland Research Institute to find ways of reducing the cost of milk production in Zimbabwe through intensive pasture development.

He said the market for ProDairy products was on the increase owing to their exceptional quality.

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