Re-engagement pays off for tourism

By Daniel Chigundu

ENVIRONMENT Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira say her re-engagement efforts have started producing results following the arrival of a 35-member UK Diaspora delegation.

The delegation which consists of individuals drawn from various backgrounds and trades and during their stay they will embark on scouting missions for opportunities as well.

Speaking at the welcoming dinner, Minister Mupfumira said “the visit comes as result of the re-engagement mission we conducted in the United Kingdom in March this year with the main objective of reviving interest toward destination Zimbabwe,” she said.

The minister added that during the re-engagement they noted that there were willingness and zeal by the diaspora community to visit Zimbabwe and Africa as part of retracing and reflecting on their roots.

Meanwhile, Minister Mupfumira has indicated that owing to the renewed interest they have since put in place a diaspora tourism strategy that will go a long way in luring more diasporans to the country for investment and tourism purposes.

“The importance of diaspora tourism cannot be underestimated especially as we look at recovering the glory that has since been lost in the past decade. Ladies and gentlemen, it is fact that many Diasporas had lost confidence in destination Zimbabwe given the challenges that bedevilled the country in the previous decade.

“Admittedly, Zimbabwe has not been tapping into this market. However, going forward and as part of the tourism recovery plan, we have since put in place a diaspora tourism strategy that will see more programs targeted at diasporas being conducted in various source markets particularly United Kingdom, South Africa and the United State of America.

“The 35-member delegation you see today ladies and gentlemen is a clear reflection of the potential of diaspora tourism benefits to Zimbabwe,” she said.

UK Diaspora group which arrived last Friday came courtesy of the Starlight Global and be will visiting such places as Great Zimbabwe (Masvingo), Cecil John Rhodes grave, Victoria Falls and also embark on safari adventures among others.

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