Reckless police to face the music

THE government has promised to take action against the unwarranted reckless behaviour of policeman who fired tear gas canister in a bus full of passengers.
The bus was bound to travel to Bulawayo when police patrolling the area fired a teargas canister, because, allegedly a tout was driving the bus.
Despite the fact that a tout was allegedly driving the bus, such levels of irresponsibility to not bode well for the police, especially when the police’s role is to serve and protect. Who will now protect the people from the body that was established solely for that mandate?
Government’s swift response is commendable given the serious nature of the crime committed by the police on that fateful day.
It remains to be seen what will become of the service personnel responsible, as the public eye is already zoomed-in on developments from that issue.
Police in Zimbabwe has come under the eagles’ eye, as many instances the public has cried foul over police’s heavy-handed, especially in public spheres, where at times the police are always engaging in high-speed chases with private commuter omnibuses (mshika shikas). Some of these cat and mouse plays have sadly led to the loss of innocent lives of bystanders going about their businesses.
Not to deter the serviceman and women in the force from carrying out their duties, which we all want them to do, but seriously, firing a teargas canister in a bus full of children, women and the old folk is clearly not on the code of ethics for the respectable badge.
Such heavy-handedness and zealousness are uncalled for, period.

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