RedFox partners SMEs to promote artistes

By Ndafadza Madanha

RED Fox entertainment  last week signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the SMEs International Expo in a bid to grow the business side of the arts industry so that artists realize full value from their talent.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NAC) director Elvas Mari who was guest of honor at the signing ceremony said the MOU would go a long way in promoting the creative industry.

“As NAC of Zimbabwe we think the MOU is another step in the sector’s quest to promote local talent in the musical arena by ensuring artistes derives maximum value from their talents.

“Gone are the days when the creative industry was frowned upon and those who partook in it were regarded as social misfits and outcasts. The world over the creative industry has become a multi-billion industry that plays a significant role in eradicating poverty and social ills,” said Mari.

Mari said the MOU will offer a platform for artistes to showcase and market their products.

Red Fox director Robert Zhuwawo said the MOU was historical in that it recognised arts as a business and would unlock the potential exuded by the sector.

“What we seek to achieve through the MOU is the structuring and development of the arts industry to gain recognition as a business. Currently the arts industry operates as informal business. The benefits derived through the arts are far and varied. The benefits cover transport, printing, venue hire, media, hospitality, beverage manufacturers, security to mention but a few”.

He said the MOU would ensure artists are empowered live comfortable lives while preserving their legacies and guiding those coming into the arts industry to build their own legacies.

Zhuwawo also bemoaned the rampant abuse of artistes by unscrupulous promoters which had led to mistrust between promoters and artistes.

SMEs Expo managing director Delight Makotose said the MOU would nurture talent through offering a professional approach to the way artistes handle their careers.

“We shall conduct sessions on basic business principles to assist artistes buy-in the model that professional ethics can be aligned to enhance their career obligations. We have cherry picked musical artistes whom we have held separate meetings with, who are beneficiaries of the Arts Pavillion,” said Makotose.

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