SB Moyo hails AGWEE Expo organisers

By Edward Mukaro and Tanyaradzwanashe Nyabvure
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Dr S. B. Moyo has praised organisers of the 9th edition of the Africa Green Waste and Energy Expo (AGWEE) and Conference as the platform provides a timely opportunity for participants to take stock of where the country and globe at large stands in as far as meeting the obligations of the 2015 Paris Agreement, to which Zimbabwe is a signatory.
The AGWEEC 9th edition ran on the sidelines of the 125th edition of the Zimbabwe Agriculture Show at the exhibition park.
Zimbabwe pledged to reduce greenhouse emissions in its energy sector by 33 percent (%) per capita below the projected business-as-usual scenario by 2030 through the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) as well as adapting to climate change impacts, especially in the agricultural sector.
However, Zimbabwe’s contribution to global emission is less than 0.05%.
Addressing delegates who thronged the Expo Minister Moyo said, “The Renewable Energy Policy, the National Climate Policy, Bio Fuels Policy, Gender Action Plan and the Climate Smart Agriculture Manual are among the strategies that have already been put in place to enable the fulfilment of Zimbabwe’s international obligation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” With its specific focus on Waste, Waste Management and Green Energy and with an all-of-society approach, this Expo provides a timely opportunity for participants to take stock of where we all are in terms of; progress towards meeting the commitments we have made; identifying impediments towards realizing those commitments; identifying solutions and actions to facilitate and accelerate the development of Zimbabwe and the broader ‘Region’ in the ‘Waste’, Waste-Management and Energy sectors – all of which are absolutely key if we are to effectively and sustainably reduce emissions in Zimbabwe and Africa, more broadly,” said Minister Moyo.
He added implored participants to build on the success of the past editions to get value.
“This 9th edition of the Expo will undoubtedly build upon the success and achievements of previous editions by further strengthening the partnerships and collaborative associations which emerged from those earlier Expos, whilst integrating newer and possibly more appropriate technology – as developed by both large corporates, enterprising entrepreneurs or by the Innovation Hubs, now an integral part of many Universities, both here I Zimbabwe and elsewhere across the continent.
Like many other countries, Zimbabwe has experienced the brutal consequences of climate change as witnessed by the thousands who lost their homes and source of livelihoods as a result of Cyclone Idai, most recently, not to mention the loss of lives. Climate change has left millions of Zimbabwe and others across the globe staring hunger in the eye, as a result of incessant droughts or floods, leaving millions dependent on food aid, across the globe.
Sustainable Development Goal number 13 states that there is an urgent need to address the impacts of climate change and the issue is treated as a cross-cutting theme in all the 17 SDGs.
The Expo, a product of ZimShine Group is in its 9th edition, celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. The group had its initial Expo at the Africa Unity Square where only a paltry 7 exhibitors showed up, but that did not deter the determined youth climate ambassadors. However, the group’s next Expo in 2013 held at Harare Gardens in 2016 was successful as it was punctuated by the visit of an international delegation. According to the United Nations Goal number 13: there is a need to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. The impacts largely revel in harsh weather conditions that may lead to drought and starvation as well as other health complications.

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