Time For Women to Step Into Their Authentic Feminine Leadership

By Tsitsi Florence Nauruma
Women are yet to get an equal sitting on key decision-making tables the world over. Various organisations have raised their voices to ensure that women are equally represented wherever key decisions are being made. After a successful Female Wave of Change 2020 Global Conference, Tsitsi Florence Nauruma (TFN) had a discussion with the founder of the organisation Ingun Bol de Bock (IBB) to talk about the conference outcomes and more…

TFN-May you please give us a brief of what Female Wave of Change is and how it
came to being?
IBB-Female Wave of Change is a global movement that started in January 2017 with the vision to create a better world for all; a more conscious, more humane, more connected and more sustainable world. We became more and more aware that if we want to leave a legacy to be proud of to the next generations, we have to redirect change. We believe that we need more women, at all levels of society and all over the world, to step into their authentic feminine leadership and use their feminine energy and their feminine values to really make positive change happen.

We actually never intended to create a worldwide movement but wanted to organize this one event in the Netherlands in September 2017 to create more awareness that we live in a world of change, that women have to be ready and take responsibility. Once we started to get the word out at the beginning of 2017 women from all over the world and presenting a bi-weekly online program of webinars contacted us. By the time we had our global lunch in September 2017, Female Wave of Change was already represented in 20 countries and growing.

We built this organization the feminine way. We always have a direction, we know where we are going but we stay flexible enough to respond to what is happening in the world. If we find lemons we make lemonade. This flexibility has proven to be very useful when we all were confronted with a worldwide pandemic this year.

Right now we are represented in almost 50 countries and are growing, we offer a very successful online empowerment program “Women Leading in Change: a Female Wave of Change Transformation Journey”, we are building more and more strong local organizations, support women, families and communities online by sharing our knowledge, experience and wisdom, our first book is published “Stories Matter, a Female Wave of Change Storybook” and so much more

TFN-How does one become a member?
IBB-As part of our sustainable business model the local organizations are allowed to have members. They decide what the yearly fee will be and what members will get for their membership, of course, all within the spirit of the global organization.

TFN-Congratulations on the success of the 2020 Virtual Global Conference, to
what do you owe its success?
IBB-I believe we owe the success to the way we have been working towards this conference; the conference was just one important moment in our whole process to Reshape the Future and Accelerate Positive Change Together. That process already started at the beginning of 2020 when Covid-19 hit us all. As an organization, we immediately recognized that this was going to affect us all in many ways. People worldwide were in fear, there was confusion, people were infected or losing loved ones, businesses were shut down, people lost their income or had to start working from home, schools were closed and parents had to home teach their kids with online support of the schools: everyday life changed overnight! Most people fear change … and exponential change was happening!

As an organization we started immediately with online support: our experts stepped in at all levels and gave women the hope, the confidence and the tools to get through this situation.
But we also started working on what was so important to focus on: The Future! We had already been talking for 3 years that we wanted to Reshape the Future. We just had to speed up the process because one thing was sure: we did not go back to the situation before Covid-19.

We created a Global Statement inviting global leaders, global decision-makers and global citizens to join us to Reshape the Future. We brought teams together where women discussed on important issues like Humanity, Health, Education, Environment and Economics. How did we want the world to look like and what could we contribute. We had a pre-conference on September 5, 2020, to bring everything together and define that vision. This whole process was leading towards the Virtual Global Conference 2020 on September 26 2020. So much had already been going on and women (and some men) were already so involved that they just had to be there.

TFN-How many countries participated in this year’s conference?
IBB-We are proud to say that approximately 40 countries took part in our
TFN-May you please share with us the key highlights of this year’s conference.
* Be fully aware that change starts with you, we can talk and create a lot but if you and I do not start today with the small steps to be the change then nothing is going to happen. We created a visual for everyone to be reminded of how they can do things differently in 10 different ways
* We are aware that we can change the narrative by changing the mind-set, the heartiest and the solutes
* We will be even more focused on global and local collaborations to accelerate change
* We will involve mothers to be the educators of humanity
* We will implement the Female Wave of Change Circles of Change to give communities and regions a platform for dialogue
* Our education program will be expanded with e-learning platforms where we will focus on entrepreneurship, environment, health, tech, finance and much more
* We will offer a coaching program totally focused on implementing change and create a database of expert coaches
* We will create a database of replicable businesses and offer the space to duplicate worldwide
* We will create new (business) opportunities together
* On World Earth day there will be a special program on Environment
* We will literally move into the future with special days focused on exercise, sports, walking etc

TFN-What was this year’s theme and what inspired it?

IBB- “Let’s Reshape the Future and Accelerate Positive Change Together”
In this world of exponential change, we have to change the direction in which we are heading; we have to do it now, we have to do it fast and we have to do it together!

TFN-Looking at the rate at which the gender parity gap is slowly narrowing in different facets of our society, are we likely going to achieve equality in this lifetime?

IBB-Female Wave of Change is actually never focused on what is not working. We do not fight the old but create the new! By guiding more and more women to step into their Authentic Feminine Leadership and lead forward, we will Reshape a Future that is better for everyone. On the way, this gap will be closed.

TFN-In which areas does FWoC want to make a significant difference in the lives of women?
We want each and everyone to lead a happy and prosperous life, that they will be financially independent, have access to good education and healthcare, that they live in a safe environment, can develop themselves into the unique person they are, have the courage to lead change as authentic feminine leaders and take care of mother nature.

TFN-What should we look forward to from FWoC in the coming year.

IBB-A lot will happen as mentioned above. We are inviting women to be part of all walks of like to be part of this Wave of Change. We will keep you abreast through our various Female Wave of Change social media platforms and website.

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