Tsvangirai already had a succession plan: Chamisa

By Daniel Chigundu

MDC-T acting president Nelson Chamisa says when the late Morgan Tsvangirai appointed two more vice presidents; he already had a succession vision.

The late Tsvangirai appointed Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri in 2016 adding that he wanted them to help him in discharging his party presidential duties.

The appointments did not go down well with a lot of senior party members especially those that had sweated to win their positions at the 2014 Congress.

Political analysts described the appointment s as being unconstitutional as the MDC-T constitution only recognised and had provision for only one deputy.

Chamisa and Mudzuri appointments resulted in party vice-president Khupe boycotting National Executive Committee and Standing Committee meeting arguing that there were foreign elements.

Addressing mourners at Freedom Square, Chamisa who was appointed acting party president by the NEC said Tsvangirai told him to unite the party and shun factionalism.

“You didn’t realise that Mudhara (Morgan) Tsvangirai had a game plan when he said he was appointing 2 vice presidents, he already had a vision and knew that a cow moves with its calf.

“He told me that Chamisa go now, we walked together for a long time, 18 years we worked together, but one thing please can you unite the party, please don’t do factions.

“His young brother Manase was there, his uncle Mr Zvaipa was also there this was on the 5th of January and on the 6th he called professor (Welshman) Ncube and talked about the alliance, giving the direction he wished to be taken and he didn’t know that he would be lying dead here today,” he said.

Chamisa also took the opportunity to remind the party members that Tsvangirai has built something big that should be continued adding that he came far with the struggle and that his legacy should not be allowed to die.

“To the leadership, I want you to understand, president Tsvangirai gave us a very strong base, he built a party that filled Parliament with MPs and councillors around the country, he formed a party full of people who are all here calling for change.

“He came far with this struggle; he formed us the strongest opposition party and a government in waiting in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The youthful Kuwadzana East legislator also revealed that Tsvangirai told him that the party should be a movement with successive generations

“…You said in your last statement young people take the mantle, we will not disappoint president Tsvangirai, we will not let president Tsvangirai down, it means where we are going, we are going to bury our leader in Buhera, we are not going to bury the ideas in Buhera.

“The ideas we will bring back, the idea of a new Zimbabwe, the idea of democratic and inclusive new dispensation, the idea of a people whose working rights are being respected, the idea of democracy, the idea of freedom, the idea of the right of young people to have dignity in Zimbabwe, the idea that even our opposition Zanu PF is allowed to demonstrate freely,” said Chamisa.

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