Use sport to preach the word says AFM Overseer

By Patson Gumbo 

APOSTOLIC Faith Mission in Zimbabwe Harare Central Provincial Overseer, Reverend Brighton Tembo has called on the church to use sport to reach out to the community as a way to appeal to the lost.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Harare Central Province Overseer’s Tournament at Ellis Robins Boys High School on Saturday, Reverend Tembo said sport cuts across all the social setups and the community should feel free to mix with the church through different sporting activities.

“Sport cuts across all cultures, religions and all community setups, the church is the salt, for the salt to season the food, you have to put it in the food, it can’t serve its purpose if it remains in the salt shaker.

“We need to bring the church to the people and impact our communities than people to come to church. The communities feel free to mix with the church through sports.” said Reverend Tembo.

Harare Central Provincial Youth Leader, Reverend Tyce Muroyiwa emphasized on fellowship and urged the youths to be disciplined as Christians when participating in different sporting activities. Reverend Muroyiwa said there was need for the church to work together with families and schools to fight against social ills that are usually associated with gatherings, be it at church level or social gatherings.

“We are here to fellowship and not to compete. Let us maintain our manners as Christians. We should use sport as a way to help us unite as Harare Central Province.  We are living in a world where the level of promiscuity and social decay is not a surprise to us. It should be noted that youngsters are not only taking advantage of church gatherings but also every other gathering were they can get access to each other.

“Great caution must therefore be taken by organisers of these gatherings to make sure that they control these young folks. I strongly recommend the church, the families and the schools to cooperate and fight against this cancer.” said Reverend Muroyiwa.

Frank Muvambi, the Harare Central Provincial Sports Director said participating in sports brings together and unites youths from different assemblies, emphasizing that the main purpose of the tournament was for fellowship.

“Sport has proven to be an effective uniting tool for our young people. The purpose of the tournament is and will always be to bring young people to fellowship through sport. We don’t take pride in winning, we take pride in fellowship.” Muvambi said.

The tournament brought together 17 assemblies from the Harare Central Province and the youths participated in three different sporting disciplines, soccer, netball and volleyball. Mufakose Family Worship Centre was crowned champions in soccer after edging Kuwadzana Central in the final whilst Kuwadzana West claimed the volleyball trophy, beating Kambuzuma East to the crown, who finished as runners up.

The netball final is still to be played on a date to be announced. This makes the tournament the second biggest gathering after the Provincial Youth Conference.

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