Vaya Ambulance just a click away

By Daniel Chigundu

DIVERSIFIED digital solutions group Cassava Smartech has launched Vaya Ambulance which seeks among other things to enable quick access to ambulances in emergency situations.

Vaya Ambulance adds to the growing list of the group’s on-demand services portfolio where it is already offering such services as Kwese Media, Technites, Ride hailing services, Haulage services and Tasknites with a view to improving the overall quality of life for all Africans.

Addressing delegates at the launch of the ambulance service, Cassava Smartech chief executive officer Dorothy Zimuto said about 50 per cent of ambulances in the country are already signed up to the application and more are coming.

“It (Vaya Ambulance) is an online platform where we brought all the ambulances together in this country, what I can announce is that we got 50% per cent of all ambulance services in this country.

“They are already on the platform so which means if you want an ambulance now it’s a click away, it’s already on the Vaya Platform and the Vaya platform is already with you and me today, it’s a case of just downloading it from the store and we have made it much easier,” she said.

At times many lives are lost because the ambulance would delay as it will be coming from a distant location or in some instances fails to find the exact location of the emergency but this is all going to be a thing of the past with Vaya Ambulance which gives sends the location information to the call centre and people can even track the ambulance.

As if that is not enough Vaya Ambulance also allow subscribers to send information on the type of emergency to the call centre and also the number of ambulances needed.

Zimuto added that Vaya Ambulance gives peace of mind because it reduces response time and enables quick dispatch of ambulances.

“Sometimes when you are in an emergency you don’t know if the ambulance is coming but now you can track it, it’s so simpler, it gives you peace of mind that the ambulance is coming, what we are saying is that on this online platform and we have put all the ambulances together some of them will still be coming on board.

“And it’s a click of a button away, and the nearest ambulance to you is what will be dispatched to you, you don’t have to wait for hours and hours waiting for an ambulance coming from Mazowe when you are in Harare.

“This is to make sure that life is saved and the life that will be saved could your mother, it could be your aunt, it could be your child, it could be your neighbour’s life that will be saved,” she said.

Vaya Ambulance can be accessed through the Vaya Africa mobile application available on the various online stores and the ambulance services will be represented by a red ambulance icon for easy identification.

Cassava Smartech is working to provide real-time platforms to connect users to their nearest service provider, saving them time and money through increased efficiencies.

The Smartech adds that “as trends around the on-demand economy gain ground globally, Africa will not be left behind, and Cassava has launched a number of on-demand services via its integrated platform”.

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