We are learning from Bureau Veritas: Mabuwa

By Daniel Chigundu

INDUSTRY and Commerce Deputy Minister Chiratidzo Mabuwa says she is satisfied with the pre-inspection experience her ministry is getting from Bureau Veritas as they await the Quality Control Bill.

Zimbabwe is in the process of formulating a Quality Control Act that will go a long way in preventing shipping of poor quality goods into the country.

The Quality Control Bill is among 14 Bills that were pronounced by President Robert Mugabe when he officially opened the 4th Session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe last year.

Speaking recently Deputy Minister Mabuwa said even though there have been some bottlenecks with regards to Bureau Veritas, they have helped in overcoming teething problems that were supposed to be experienced in future when the Bill becomes law.

“As we contracted Bureau Veritas – you will be aware that there is a Bill that was pronounced by the Head of State when we opened the 8th Parliament.  One of the 14 Bills was touching the issues of quality control.

“While the ministry is still in the process and at an advanced stage of coming up with the Bill to be tabled before Parliament, we contracted a company called Bureau Veritas  to do pre-inspection for all specified products that are destined here in Zimbabwe in a bid to already put into effect, the quality control systems.  This experience has seen us grow from what I could say teething problems to graduation, but not yet completely graduated.

“The experiences that we have had with Bureau Veritas include delays in clearances, communication with the implementers who are ZIMRA at our border post.  Be that as it may, we already have a hotline through e-mails and through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce where we attend to issues as they come,” she said.

Mabuwa added that they have discovered that there are some unnecessary inspection repetitions that need to be addressed in an effort to make the processes more efficient and less time consuming.

“The other bottleneck that we experience is that there are some products that we think should not be inspected all the time.

“I will give an example of the inspection on the importation for items such as generators, once these are inspected and issued with a certificate, it has come to our knowledge that this should be done once to those companies that are supplying to avoid repetition where it is not necessary,” said Mabuwa.

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