We are ready to help Zimbabwe: Indonesia

By Daniel Chigundu

INDONESIA’s Deputy Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Partogi J Samosir says his country is ready and has always been ready to help Zimbabwe as a way of showing its love for the country.

Zimbabwe which is currently under the new dispensation which came into power in November last year has reiterated that it is ready and willing to engage with any country for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Following years of isolation from the international community, Zimbabwe is looking for investors to tap into the vast investments opportunities and President Emmerson Mnangagwa has from day once made it clear that the country is “Open for Business”.

In an interview on the sidelines of Miss Tyrone Beauty Pageant at Crown Plaza, Deputy Ambassador Samosir who was one of the sponsors of the event said whenever Zimbabweans need assistance; he is ready to do his best.

“The reason why we support this (Miss Tyrone Beauty Pageant) is because we really want to show that Indonesians love Zimbabweans and we are ready anytime if Zimbabweans needs our help, or need our assistance and I will do my best to help them, so that is my motive and the only motivation of my support,” he said.

The Deputy Ambassador supported the beauty pageant by availing about 12 Indonesian Batik for the contestants and the two presenters at the event.

Indonesia is well known for having some of the amazing batiks in the world and the Deputy Ambassador revealed that they are trying to open a boutique that will be selling the Indonesian Batiks in the country.

“You remember at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo we were showcasing some of our Batiks and we have used some of them to support this pageant.

“We have the House of Batik Indonesia, and although we haven’t established a boutique some of the materials are already here in Zimbabwe.

“So if people want to buy Batiks from Indonesia, they can get in touch with us and book and we will deliver to their houses,” he said.

Meanwhile, about 12 girls took part in the Miss Tyrone’s Beauty Pageant showcasing make-up products, hair products and various clotheslines including Indonesian Batiks.-

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